Oreo appears for the first time in Google's Android distribution chart

The Pixel 2 and its bigger Pixel XL 2 might soon become the first smartphones to ship with Android Oreo on board, soon followed by Huawei's Mate 10. However, the new version of Android has already made it in Google's Android distribution chart for the month of October.

Although many Pixel and Nexus devices have already been updated to Android Oreo, they account for less than 1% of the Android smartphone market share, which is why they don't matter that much in the grand scheme of things.

Add to that that Google's doesn't take into consideration any Android versions with less than 0.1% distribution and we might have the answer to the question of why Oreo hasn't made it to the charts earlier than October.

In any case, the October distribution figures show Android 8.0 Oreo now accounts for only 0.2% of the market share, while Android Nougat has exactly 17.8%. Marshmallow continues to be at the top of the list with 32% market share, followed by Lollipop with 27.7%.

The hierarchy ends with Android KitKat (14.5%), Android Jelly Bean (7.6%), Android Ice Cream Sandwich (0.6%) and Android Gingerbread (0.6%). According to Google, the numbers are based on the data collected during a 7-day period ending on October 2.

source: Google



5. GreenMan

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There are LARGE number of folks out there who are STILL stuck on... Jelly Bean! Au contraire, last year; iOS 10 was on 87% of iPhone within just a month of its launch, and I expect the same with iOS 11 (Official figures yet to be released by Apple). Also last year, The iOS 9 was on just over 10% of iPhones while a mere 3% had pre iOS 9 versions on their iPhones. This is solid, cold and hard reality that gives Android fanboys nightmares! But hopefully, this is going to change significantly in upcoming years now that we have "Project Treble" (Rhymes with "Terrible") in effect. Oh well, G'Day!


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Jelly Bean was still my favorite Android, without ridiculous write restrictions to SD card. I had to root every single post-JB phone just to get that pretty basic functionality.

4. hansip87

Posts: 231; Member since: Nov 10, 2015

Xz1 is showing itself I think..

1. gamehead unregistered

Still on Android 6.0. Hopefully that will change soon when google announces its phone.

2. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

I'm on 7.1.1 and I'll guarantee you little has changed. I'm talking from stock Android experience. Custom Android OEMs have different features.

3. EC112987

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6. Zylam

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Little has changed? The notifications are far smarter and the settings reorder is awesome. Not to mention the internal improvements for battery and ram management plus picture in picture. Oreo is actually an amazing core experience upgrade which I personally can't wait to get. The Pixels don't seem all that great but Oreo will really deliver an awesome experience on them. Just watch all the fandroids down play this disruption chart just because they don't have the stomach to admit apples software upgrades reach far more devices. What are the excuses again? - We don't care about Software updates, who needs them? Yea of course man Google should shut down Android production and just return to Android Kit kat and leave it at that yea? - Oems skins have more features. Yea sure, trust Oems who abandon their flagships months after release to keep you updated with security patches and such, no thanks. I'd rather pick a "bare bones" stock Google device to house my personal information. Oems skins are a venom to Android, they are the reason why that chart looks the way it does. Google needs to start enforcing some form of an aggressive upgrade policy when phones that are within 3 years of their release are required to be updated or the OEM itself is barred from using any of Google's services on its future devices. When the last two versions of the OS account for less than a quarter of the devices out there, that's just wrong. It's ok, Death to Apple, don't worry you are all members of the superior human race just because you use Android and software updates are not required.

7. Settings

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Yeah but Google can't enforce Android updates, OEMs still has the discretion and the decision whether to update or not. That's the bad thing regarding Project Treble. The update will still come from OEM and Carrier servers, not from. Google. But still, Android devices still function properly even when supports have stopped. I have a 4.4 Kitkat tablet and still can do what it has supposed to do. It can still run basically most apps that also can run on 7.1.1 or 8.0.

9. gamehead unregistered

Doesnt 7 have split screen. I want that feature very badly

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