Ordering a pizza from Domino's is now as easy as pie


Why should you have to strain yourself by typing in your name and address, a credit card, and the type of pizza desired every time your order a pie online. Domino's launched its "Zero Click" app today that is the height of laziness. All you need to do to order your pie is open the app. Turn the knob on the door when the delivery comes, and stuff your face with yummy pizza. It's a process so easy that even a sloth would love it.

Now, all of this magic does require a bit of prepping. The first time you sign in, you do have to feed the app some information before you feed yourself. That information includes your pizza preference, and credit card number. All of this is known as your Pizza Profile

After you've set up your account, the next time you get hungry for a pizza, simply open the Domino's app. Doing that sets off a 10-second timer. If you don't stop the timer and it counts down to zero, congratulations. Your Pizza has been ordered.

According to Domino's, it garnered $4.7 billion in digital sales last year, accounting for over 50% of its total revenues in 2015. And with this 'Zero Click' feature appealing to the pizza-munching lazy slobs who have the energy and ambition to install the Domino's app on their mobile device, that number should rise this year.

Download the Domino's Pizza app (iOS|Android|Windows10)

source: Dominos via TechCrunch
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