Oppo tortures the super-slim R5 for your viewing pleasure, takes a subtle "stab" at Apple while at it

Oppo tortures the super-slim R5 for your viewing pleasure, the handset comes out spotless
Oppo's R5 has just been dethroned as "the world's slimmest smartphone" by the Vivo X5 Max, but since the latter will only be available in China for an undisclosed amount of time (if it ever launches internationally, that is), it's safe to say that the R5 is the "slimmest smartphone you can buy outside of Asia".

But Oppo's handset relies on more than just a thin profile to set it apart – it's an elegantly designed device, adorned with a metal frame and back, holding together a sturdy chassis. In fact, Oppo released a commercial, which aims to show us just how durable the handset can be – a 1 minute video compilation of various stress tests, including a car running over the R5, with the device not only surviving everything, but doing so scratch-free. The ad also takes a subtle "stab" at Apple, but you'll have to watch the first scene to see what we mean.

How real is this? We can't really be the judge of that and we don't believe anyone should try it at home with their own $550 svelte phone. Still, we can say that the R5 does feel robust and dependable in the hands and potential owners should not be concerned with its durability.

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