Oppo N1 teased again: will it have a rear touch panel? (release date pegged for Sept 23)

Oppo N1 teased again: will it have a rear touch panel? (release date pegged for Sept 23)
Just yesterday, Oppo confirmed the existence of the N1, the company’s new flagship, and today the company posted one more image teasing that the device might have some form of a touch panel on its back.

With an almost erotic image showing the exposed back of a woman, Oppo teased: “Don’t just touch the front, the back is also interesting…” Cheesy! Right beneath that line the N1 name appears once again and Oppo mentions a “rear touch panel” and “brand new experience.”

Update: Oppo is obviously kicking off a big marketing campaign with provocative images and messages. It has just released a picture of a toilet paper roll with the message "Easy to use with one hand so you can get busy with the other one..." Yeah, we fail to get the connection between the toilet paper and the single handed use, and we are not even sure we want it explained. It seems Oppo has a weird understanding of viral marketing, but you have got to admit it's a bit of a shock to see these teasers.

Update #2: Now, Oppo is said to hold an official announcement event for the N1 on September 23rd in China. The information comes from Russia's Hi-Tech blog that is among the first to receive press invites.

While confirmed to exist, the Oppo N1 remains a mystery. Oppo has only unveiled that the device will come in September.

From there on, it’s all up to rumors. All of them agree that the Oppo N1 is the company’s next flagship coming with a huge focus on camera performance. It will allegedly feature a new ‘Owl’ image chip (speculation points to a new image sensor with allegedly improved low light performance) and a 12- or 13-megapixel camera with Xenon flash. Additionally, the device is rumored to ship with a new N-Lens that we know little about.

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All of that however sounds exciting. Price for the Oppo N1 is said to be around $480 off contract, more than the $600+ retail price of flagship devices from companies like Samsung and Apple.

source: Oppo, Hi-tech

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