OpenAI establishes new safety board to oversee AI development

OpenAI establishes new safety board to oversee AI development
Safety is important in all things tech. Especially when it comes to AI. Now, OpenAI has just set up a new safety board to ensure AI is being developed with safety in mind.

Earlier, the company also had such a board which was then disbanded, and two of its members have reportedly left the company. But now it has a new board. The previous one was responsible for outlining the long-term effects of AI tech. However, a worker previously had reportedly complained the board was deprioritized and was getting fewer resources. Here's to hoping this doesn't happen again this time.

The new board consists of CEO Sam Altman, company chair Bret Taylor, Adam D'Angelo, and Nicole Seligman. It is said that for the next 90 days, this board has to evaluate OpenAI's processes and safeguards, and then present its recommendations.

At the moment, OpenAI is working on its next model, which we can assume it's GPT-5. It is said to be faster, stronger, and smarter. Therefore, it's getting even more important to ensure safety.

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