Only in Russia: martial arts school teaches selfie stick fighting

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That selfie stick you rock to take those awesome shots for your Facebook is not so innocent: in crisis-struck Russia it's a sure sign you are a tourist and hence, a good target for muggers.

So what should you do, give up the selfie stick? Such radical measures can be avoided if you visit a martial arts school in Russia that teaches the art of fighting using a selfie stick.

The new craft even got its own name: monopod fight (mpd), and the fight club holding the events claim that its program is effective against boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial arts types, and can be learned in five lessons. Sounds wildly exaggerated?

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Well, we don't see how a five-lesson course in selfie stick fighting could ever protect you against a boxer or - worse so - an MMA fighter, but we guess it's at least a fun pastime. Also, if the mugger happens to be a teen that is trying to steal away that shiny new rose gold iPhone, it might just prove useful.

source: PetaPixel

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