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Only 14 percent of iPhone owners upgraded to OS 3.1.3

Only 14 percent of iPhone owners upgraded to OS 3.1.3
Still waiting for the next big thing, iPhone owners seem a bit hesitant in getting the latest version of the iPhone OS onto their phones. There is a new study that has found that roughly around 14 percent of iPhone users have taken the plunge in installing OS 3.1.3 in less than a week of its availability. The latest version of the platform brings forth a fix for the battery indicator, issues where third party apps would not launch, and patching up other security holes – nothing too dramatic that would cause instant installation from users. Mobile ad group Medialets reported the findings and also found that 72.3 percent were still running iPhone OS 3.1.2, 0.8 percent running 3.1.1, and 4.6 percent still holding onto 3.1.0. The statistics were obtained through developers’ applications the service tracks through the App Store. One good possibility why there was a lack of users upgrading could point to it ruining the fun for jailbroken owners out there – but the latest hacking tool was developed afterwards that allowed users to upgrade to Apple’s latest release while preserving a jailbreak and carrier unlock. After the wake of the iPad, there are many owners still waiting to see when Apple plans on releasing a dramatic update to the platform.

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via Apple Insider


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