Several OnePlus 9 Pro owners are reportedly experiencing overheating issues

Several OnePlus 9 Pro owners are reportedly experiencing overheating issues
Some users have been complaining about overheating issues with their new OnePlus 9 Pro phones and have been posting on Twitter and OnePlus Forums hoping to find a solution to the problem they are experiencing, reports Android Authority.

Reportedly, OnePlus 9 Pro overheats when using the camera app or charging

Several users are saying the issue arose when they were shooting video with their new OnePlus 9 Pro. Allegedly, one user was trying to record a 4K video at 60 fps and managed to get just 1 minute before the phone displayed an overheating warning. After the warning, the phone limits some functionality in order to protect the CPU from damage.

Users have also been complaining the phone gets overheated by staying in direct sunlight or charging. A user stated they couldn’t get past the setup because of overheating, but it’s possible that one was a defective unit.

In the forum, another user states he tried to record 4K at 120 fps and the phone managed to record 2:21 minutes until the overheating warning appeared. Some users state the camera app was the only app running when the issue appeared.

Are you an OnePlus 9 Pro owner that is experiencing overheating issues? You can share your feedback in the OnePlus forum.


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