OnePlus reveals the next 7T series design, and why it put the cameras in a circle


As if to drum up even more excitement about the new OnePlus 7T model that will eventually wiggle its way onto US carriers once the company is done and dusted with its September 26th launch, the CEO posted press renders of the actual phone.

The pictures are accompanied by a lengthy "making of" post with the usual OnePlus design drawings that tip the creative process behind each decision, titled "No detail is too small to be perfected." 

It ain't indeed, and it turns out that the OnePlus 7T will have a "frosted glass" housing, which is an euphemism for matte instead of shiny surface, similar to what the new iPhone 11 crop offers to the masses. 

The post is worth reading in its entirety, as OnePlus waxes poetic how it pioneered the "frosted-matte" look with some OnePlus 6 colors, and how it elevated the approach to a new height for the 7T, but it's the camera writeup that piqued our attention the most:

There you have it, if you have been wondering why OnePlus went with a circular camera area in the middle of its next phone, your questions have been answered. Now all that remains is to test whether that beautiful design translates into quality pictures during the OnePlus 7T launch event next week.

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