It's official: OnePlus 7T series to be announced on September 26

It's official: OnePlus 7T series to be announced on September 26
We're ten days away from the unveiling of the next "flagship killer" phones by OnePlus. The company just announced that the OnePlus 7T series will be revealed on September 26 in the US and India. Furthermore, OnePlus will be hosting a launch event for the OnePlus 7T series in London on October 10, where fans of the brand will be able to get their hands on the 7T and pick up OnePlus swag along the way.

The OnePlus 7T series is coming soon

That's cool and all, but what exactly is OnePlus going to announce? Well, it appears that the company has several phones to show us, judging by how we're invited to witness the unveiling of the OnePlus 7T series. According to rumors, the phones we should be expecting are OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7T Pro.

We can also rest assured that a 90Hz display refresh rate will be a key stand-out feature of whatever phones are to be announced. Additionally, the 10-second video teaser OnePlus shared shows glimpses of two color variants: black and blue. The rest is a mystery for now, but something tells us that more details will be revealed in the form of teasers in the days to come. 

The OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro: the rumors so far

Over the past few weeks, lots of unconfirmed details about the OnePlus 7T and 7T have surfaced. It is claimed that both phones will be powered by the Snapdragon 855+ chip – the fastest smartphone SoC Qualcomm has to offer right now, with an emphasized boost in graphics performance. 

While the 7T Pro is expected to look much like the OnePlus 7 Pro, pop-up camera and all, the OnePlus 7T could sport a circular camera design at the back. The 7T may also gain a third camera at the back – a 12MP telephoto snapper with 2x zoom abilities.

Interestingly, rumors suggest that OnePlus is partnering with McLaren once again to release a special edition device for its biggest fans. The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition appears to be a variant of the phone sporting a carbon fiber back design coupled with bright orange accents. No less importantly, the variant of the phone may support 5G and could launch in the US as a Verizon exclusive.

*Specs based on rumors

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro price and release date

While we do know that the OnePlus 7T series will be announced on September 26, we don't yet know when the phones are going to be made available for purchase. October 10, the day of the OnePlus launch event in London, seems like a good time, but a US release date hasn't been confirmed yet.

It is rumored that the OnePlus 7T Pro isn't going to be released in the US. Instead, only the 5G-capable version may be released exclusively on Verizon, according to rumors. Pricing details are still unknown.



1. inFla

Posts: 136; Member since: Aug 17, 2018

Waiting for the 5 pounder with an 8 inch screen.

2. LiveFaith

Posts: 487; Member since: Jul 04, 2015

Yeah, these things are getting to be the size of mini tablets that you have to lug around hanging out of the pocket these days. Anything able to be handled properly usually getting spec shorted.

3. rkoforever90

Posts: 463; Member since: Dec 03, 2011

Surprised to see a launch event in india I guess it shows how important that market is to one plus

6. brasstax

Posts: 543; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

You will be surprised how important India is to Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo as well.

4. CreeDiddy

Posts: 2248; Member since: Nov 04, 2011

Over-hyped 90Hz refresh rate. iPad Pro is the smoothest in the business with 120Hz. Plus 60Hz on my Xs Max is super smooth.

5. Priyam009

Posts: 60; Member since: Oct 23, 2018

Does isheeps never use their brains? you are saying 60Hz is smooth yourself and then bashing Oneplus for having 90Hz? no wonder apple fans along with apple products are trolled worldwide!

8. rOHAN287

Posts: 15; Member since: May 06, 2016

@CreedDiddy Good for you, you got 2 devices. But just imagine (Logical Thinking) 120Hz + 60Hz = 180Hz Hence 180Hz / 2Devices = 90Hz = 1Device Therefore 90Hz is not equal to Over-Hyped, and Therefore 90Hz = Happy + Onedevice + COST SAVING which is not equal to iSHEEP.

11. rsiders

Posts: 1975; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

Yeah but 90hz is smoother than "super smooth" 60hz. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean you have to discredit it.


Posts: 188; Member since: Aug 07, 2018

they need to release one compact version

13. meanestgenius

Posts: 22267; Member since: May 28, 2014

Looking forward to this, even though I’m not looking to upgrade from my OnePlus 7 Pro to the 7T Pro since it’s more of an incremental update. I will be looking to upgrade my 7 Pro to the 8 Pro, though. OnePlus has really been putting out the best smartphones as of late, along with Huawei, IMO.

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