The OnePlus 6T benchmark score bested by only one 'gaming' Android phone, says AnTuTu

The OnePlus 6T shoots to the AnTuTu benchmark top
It doesn't take a genius to recognize that OnePlus 6T will perform well in every benchmark thrown at it even without plumping up the numbers. After all, it is powered by Qualcomm's most powerful mobile chipset at the moment  - the Snapdragon 845 - and has a FHD+ 1080p display.

This pixel count has proved time and again to be the sweet spot between performance, battery draw, and resolution requirements. QuadHD displays add much less value over FHD ones than the latter over HD screens at today's large, 6"+ cell phone screen diagonals. They are heavy on the graphics subsystem and take their toll on the battery life, shortening both scores with 20-30% compared to handsets with 1080p screens.

Thus, it is no wonder that the OnePlus 6T scored great on the AnTuTu synthetic benchmark.

So well, in fact, that AnTuTu decided to post a screenshot demonstrating that the OnePlus 6T is the second-fastest Android handset at the moment, topped only by the Asus ROG phone which is a gaming device.

We expected Huawei's Mate 20 Pro that tuns on Android's first 7nm chipset, to top the charts, but our tests showed its QuadHD display hinders the performance, so it doesn't pierce the 300,000 score barrier as some leaked benchmarks of Kirin 980 processor would suggest.

For now, OnePlus 6T owners can sleep tight knowing that they have one of the fastest handsets at the moment, and the light OxygenOS skin of OnePlus should make for some blazing fast interface, too.
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