OnePlus 5T Q&A: Your questions answered!


Thinking of getting the OnePlus 5T? Sure you have, after all it's one of the best deals you can get right now given what hardware you get for the money.

Our review of the device has been out for a week or so now, and while we've tried to answer all the important question in our review, some things might still have left unanswered. 

As we usually do with intriguing high-profile devices like the OnePlus 5T, we are hosting a Q&A session in which you can ask us anything you wish to know about the device that has been left unaddressed in our review.

Well, it's time to answer all the questions you asked:

OnePlus 5T: Your questions answered!

PA: Surely, the OnePlus 5T not supporting Project Treble might rustle a few feathers here and there, but with OxygenOS being so close to stock Android we wouldn't call this one a serious issue. On the topic of fast software updates, which is the main benefit of Project Treble, OnePlus really has room for improvement but thankfully the active community of developers will certainly have a large roster of quickly-updated custom ROMs in no time. 

Actually, OnePlus came up with a pretty believable reason why the OnePlus 5T is not Treble-compliant during a recent AMA on the OnePlus forums:

"Project Treble requires a storage partition, by which the Android framework and vendor image are separated. However, because partitions were not required of Android N and previous versions of Android, all of our current devices do not feature a partition. According to our tests, if we were to modify the partition layout via OTA there is a risk that devices will brick during the partitioning. We feel this poses too great a risk for our community of users, which is why we have decided not to implement Project Treble on current OnePlus devices."

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And on the topic of which one is skimping on performance, the honor V10 and the OnePlus 5T should perform pretty similarly, so not sure what you're on about.

PA: 0.47V. 

PA: You are welcome.

PA: No, it comes with Google Play Music as its default music player, but feel free to install one of the many others available on the Play Store.

Various aspects of the phone can be changed and customized which is a rather good aspect of its OxygenOS interface. Still, if you're coming from an AOSP-based Substratum-compliant custom ROM, you might end up disappointed.

PA: Don't get us wrong, the image quality of the OnePlus 5T is quite okay, but it lags behind either the Note 8 and the iPhone X, no matter if you're looking at RAW files or regular JPEGs. Granted, any of these phones will snap a good picture under bright daylight, but in low-light environments the OnePlus 5T will reveal why it's so much more affordable than its premium rivals. In our experience, the lowlight-centric secondary camera doesn't help that much.

PA: The stock ones are mighty good. The popular third-party case manufacturers are yet to catch up  and release something as good.

PA: Well, we suppose it has something to do with the extra fees required to make a CDMA-compatible device. All OnePlus devices so far have been GSM-compatible, but who knows, OnePlus might decide to support the CDMA networks of Sprint and Verizon in the future, although everyone seems to be moving away from this rather restrictive standard. VoLTE is the future!

PA: You need a Dash Charger in order to fast-charge your OnePlus 5T. said Dash Charger can charge other devices, too, but not as fast. 

Both are fast, but there's no beating that tried-and-tested fingerprint scanner in terms of speed.

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