One of China’s biggest, Meizu, planning to start selling phones in US come 2014

One of China’s biggest, Meizu, planning to start selling phones in US come 2014
Meizu makes one of the most popular smartphones in China. Known for its Apple-esque designs in devices sold for much lower than Apple’s prices, but still with top-notch specs, Meizu is now planning to expand its outreach all the way to the United States in 2014. 

The company has announced its intentions to bring devices to the US without specifying model names, but if its 128GB Meizu MX3 top-shelf offering is one of them, it could definitely get the attention of tech lovers with its fairly unique plentiful storage.

The company says explicitly it "believes there's room in the U.S. market for another player." Still, in order to make a proper debut in the United States, Meizu is also facing the challenge of bundling in US-specific cellular data bands and 4G LTE in particular.

Good news is that Meizu is looking at this as a long-term opportunity to stay in the United States rather than a one product run and gun affair, and this might help it deliver a well-rounded product.

Finally, Meizu mentioned it will also bring its devices to the Consumer Electronics Show starting in just a few weeks in Las Vegas, for a taste of what’s to come. We will be covering the show live, so stay tuned.

source: Business Wire via Engadget


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