Once again, Liquidmetal rumored to be part of the next iPhone

Once again, Liquidmetal rumored to be part of the next iPhone
This is getting pretty absurd. Ever since Apple signed an exclusive agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies to use its unbreakable alloys, there have been consistentrumors that Liquidmetal would be put to use in iOS products. Apple signed that agreement back in 2010, which means we have had to go through over three years of this same rumor with absolutely nothing to show for it. And, of course, the rumor is back once again.

Apple has tested out the Liquidmetal alloys a couple times for the SIM card trays, but the material has never been found in a consumer version of an Apple device. Now, MacRumors has found 17 new patent filings which apparently point to Apple working on using Liquidmetal once again. Many of the patents aren't actually attributed to Apple, but are attributed to companies that have been associated with Liquidmetal in the past. 

A few of the patent filings cover various potential uses for Liquidmetal - using it for pressure sensors, like buttons, or for items like tamper-resistant screws. Of course, a patent filing doesn't necessarily mean much, especially this late in the game. While the next set of iOS devices isn't due out until the fall, Apple's deal with Liquidmetal Technologies is set to expire in less than one month, on Feburary 5th. 

source: USPTO 1, 2, & 3 via MacRumors

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