Notch in my house: iPhone X copies — not so popular


Apple's iPhone X has a pretty signature — if divisive — look. Yeah, the notch, which eats into the rectangular shape of the screen, is a subject of many debates, the vertically-oriented dual camera module still feels like an oddity, the shiny frame completes the package. And while it's a unique-looking device, it also has a unique price tag.

But, as with everything that is popular, there are already manufacturers out there making phones that have been so "inspired" by the iPhone X, they kind of look like copies of the phone. But they come at a 5th of the price, so that's a plus. If you've been itching for the display with little ears, you may be eyeing one of those devices and wondering exactly how risky it would be to order them online. Well, are you? We thought we'd ask...

Here are the poll results:

Would you buy a (cheap) Android phone that copies the iPhone X?

Sure, that sounds fun!
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