Nokia's Windows Phones too expensive for Telefonica's taste

Nokia's Windows Phones too expensive for Telefonica's taste
Telefonica is at it again. Just a couple weeks after the cellular provider decided to axe the Apple iPhone from their Czech subsidiaries lineup, they have balked at what are apparently expensive prices for Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phones.

Now, Nokia isn’t exactly the cheapest handset manufacturer in a lot of the markets around the globe in which Telefonica operates. Telefonica is acknowledging that by saying that Nokia’s asking price is just flat out “too expensive.” Simon Lee-Smith, who is the head of their European division, had this to say about Nokia:

Telefonica is confident that Nokia will be bringing cheaper phones to market sometime in 2012. Lee-Smith also said that other manufacturers believe that their astronomical prices are normal. Even if they are correct in assuming Nokia is going to be releasing devices at a cheaper cost, what are the odds that other big name manufacturers will follow in their footsteps?

source: Electronista

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