Nokia to start giving names to its phones

Nokia to start giving names to its phones
Nokia's marketing chief Keith Pardy announced yesterday that the company is to start giving names to new handsets and thus give up on the numbered models at last. The Finnish manufacturer has realized that the company is failing to keep pace with rivals like LG and Motorola, as the latter two has been rolling out phones with names like the Chocolate, RAZR, SLVR, etc., for a few years now, which are all models that have reaped great success. Names like these are more user-friendly and easy to remember, unlike numbers which are really hard to memorize for most people. Nokia also knows that it's high time it started making its phones thinner as that's been one of the main reasons for the success of rival models from manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung. It's said that they're working on it, so we maybe should expect to see some slim devices being released by the Finnish phone manufacturer sooner rather than later.

Source: Yahoo via EngadgetMobile


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