Nokia says ATIV S just a "warmup" for its WP8 handsets next week, hints a cameraphone

Nokia says ATIV S just a "warmup" for its WP8 handsets next week, hints a cameraphone
Nokia welcomed Samsung back to the Windows Phone party yesterday, but since a lot of the comments on Twitter were referring that with the ATIV S Samsung was the first company to announce a multicore WP handset, Nokia's Doug Dawson fired back.

"Don't mistake 'first' for the 'best'. Still to come!", said he, referring to next week's Lumia event of Nokia and Microsoft. And regarding the ATIV S, Mr Dawson tweeted: "Every great show needs a warm-up act. We'll see you next week?" to another follower who asked if Nokia is peeved that Samsung beat them to the punch with the first modern Windows Phone to be announced.

And, as the hardest clue so far that Nokia might indeed be prepping a PureView Lumia for next week unveiling, Doug Dawson asked the follower "Let me know if you need a cameraphone to take with you! ;-)", referring to her upcoming wedding.

The wink is his, so we are now hotly in anticipation of the September 5 event, and can't wait to liveblog you the announcements, as well as snap a few sample pictures with what might be the greatest camera in a phone this side of Symbian handsets. See Doug's tweets in chronological order in the slideshow below.


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