Nokia posts a video of phones going through hell

Nokia posts a video of phones going through hell
It's not easy being a Nokia phone these days. You're put through numerous tests and you are pushed to such an extent that at the end of the day your microSD slot hurts. As a matter of fact, you are pushed all the way to the limit... and then all the way back to the start. You're put in a chamber where you tumble over and over all day long, just to make your owner proud. As if that is not enough, you are then dropped from a huge distance on your face and when picked up, you are expected to work like new. We're telling you, it's not easy being a Nokia phone. We're wondering when the guys from the Nokia Lab Test will get themselves a tank, so that they can roll through their phones, just to be prepared, in case a tank runs over your very own phone. Just like in the real world. Poor little Nokia 105, it even gets an oven test, and if it's not baked, it goes in the dust chamber, where it's choked to see whether it will die from the dust or get back on track after the tests.

source: Conversations by Nokia


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