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Nokia handsets responsible for 40% of the globe's mobile browsing says new report

Nokia handsets responsible for 40% of the globe's mobile browsing says new report
The latest report from StatCounter shows that as of last month, Nokia handsets had the largest share of the mobile browsing market with a 40% slice of the pie. The Finnish based firm has a nice lead over Apple. That should be no surprise since Nokia had the largest market share among global handset manufacturers according to the latest stats. Mobile Safari accounted for 29% of the planet's mobile web users. It should be pointed out that data from tablets are not included in this study. Samsung placed third with 14% of those using a mobile browser having a Samsung device in their hand. RIM, which placed second to Apple in the U.K., had an 8.3% market share of mobile web browsers globally. At the start of last year, the Canadian based manufacturer had a mobile web share of above 30%. As a whole, Android handsets had just under 25% of the mobile browser market.

Since 2009, the marketshare of mobile web users has nearly doubled each year
Apple, while second globally behind Nokia, actually had the leading marketshare of mobile browsers in the U.K. and in the States. And with the increasing use of smartphones around the world, it is not surprising that the use of mobile browsers has been growing rapidly. Starting from a meager .7% share of global browsing in January 2009, mobile web use has risen to account for 8.5% of all browsing by last month, nearly doubling last January's 4.3% share.

source: StatCounter via Read,Write,Web

Nokia has the largest share of mobile browsing accounting for a 40% slice of the pie

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