Nokia chairman sees slow progress for 'a significant part' of 2012

Nokia chairman sees slow progress for 'a significant part' of 2012
Nokia is slowly shifting to Windows Phone and the stress here should be on slowly, according to outgoing chairman Jorma Ollila. Nokia ended 2011 with a $1.2 billion loss, selling 31% less phones than in 2010.

Ollila said it will take quite a while for Nokia to see significant improvement. The Windows Phone transition will affect the company “for a significant part of the year,” Ollila concluded even though Nokia said it can’t provide guidance for the period after Q1 2012.

Ollila also admits that Nokia Windows Phone had a slow start, but that was expected, and the company remains hopeful for going back to being a big player in smartphones again later on. Ollila was realistic and didn’t shoot for the stars, saying that Nokia has “a very good chance” to become one of the three biggest phone makers:

"Nokia will make it into the three, its completely obvious and the first signs are already there. None of the operating systems have taken off quickly. It will take time, as we have seen, and as was expected."

Ollila’s theory is that in the future there will be three major platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and each one will have its own “strong manufacturer.” Apple is obviously the iOS candidate, Samsung seems to be the suggested candidate for Android and Nokia aims to become the one for WP.

After years of ruling the mobile and smartphone space, Nokia has seen unprecedented drop in share value in the last year, after Stephen Elop decided Symbian is a “burning platform.” In the last quarter of the year, Symbian was still the company’s main source of revenue.

source: Yahoo News



1. rafael.roque

Posts: 78; Member since: Jul 03, 2010

You said it best, if it wasn't for Symbian; Nokia would have bled even more from this Microsoft partnership. And that was even with the "burning platform" purposed leak to trash Nokia's in house solution. Sorry, but regardless of how awesome or great windows phone7; it's not for everyone just like iOS and Android also doesn't works for everyone. The fact remains that Symbian in it's current form only lacked hardware to properly compliment it's software. And if that wasn't enough of a change, then Meego proved that Nokia could create an in house solution that got it right in both hardware and software!

2. bluechrism

Posts: 99; Member since: Sep 09, 2011

Victor H. While factually true they lost 1.2billion and sold 31% less phones, it's a bit disingenuous not to mention that their financial loss has little to do with the transition. in smartphones and mobile phones they made profit but the loss is from a writedows in the value of goodwill from when they bought Navteq. Yes, the 31% loss in sales numbers is from smartphones (i think they sold more feature phone than previous years) and is due to the transition, but the smartphone devision was still profitable.

3. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

I wish Nokia Luck they make great products and deserve to stay afloat their bet to stay with Windows will eventually pay off. The Nokia Apollo class windows 8 smart phones will be awesome and they will make very very affordable smart phones that may not have the great specs of an Apollo call windows smart phone but will still work well enough to be worth buying. there is still room for Windows smart phones and Blackberry smart phones People must have many products to choose from because people are different.

4. Bluesky02

Posts: 1439; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

Mr. chairman there is no quick solution

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