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Nokia apologizes for simulated demo video

Nokia apologizes for simulated demo video
If the new camera on the Nokia Lumias can deliver on promises, it should be one of, if not the best smartphone camera around. The trouble is that the demo video that Nokia showed us all before wasn't exactly honest. There was a shot in the demo video where you can see a reflection of someone shooting the scene, but the person wasn't holding a Nokia smartphone. 

Nokia has issued a statement on the demo video and images used to show off the new Lumias, saying:

Nokia went on to say:

So, the images that we saw are what Nokia claims the smartphone can deliver, but not actual images from said cameras. Nokia also posted a video taken with the actual phone, which you can see below, and it looks pretty solid. 

What do you guys think? Can we trust Nokia? We'd certainly like to, because smartphone cameras could use a leap in low light capture like these promise.

source: Nokia 1 & 2 via WPCentral

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