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Nokia X7 for AT&T now a short-lived rumor?

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Nokia X7 for AT&T now a short-lived rumor?
It was late November when the Nokia X7 first leaked and - shortly after - it appeared with AT&T-branding and seemed set to become the first Symbian^3 device for the carrier. Now, that rumor is put to rest as either AT&T or Nokia decided not to release a subsidized version. The Nokia X7 however is still expected to be released unlocked in select markets.

Who was to blame for the canceled deal? Initial reports blamed AT&T, but later some sources claimed that it was actually the Finns who decided not to release the X7 for the second-largest U.S. carrier. In either case, the decision is somewhat surprising as AT&T and Nokia jointly announced an upcoming Qt-enabled smartphone for the carrier along with a $10 million developers challenge for U.S.-specific Symbian^3 apps at CES. Qt is the development framework of choice for Nokia as it links both Symbian and MeeGo.

Could it be that Symbian was the cornerstone of the problem and will we still see a Qt-enabled device for AT&T? More details about the handset are expected to appear at the Mobile World Congress this February, but until then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

source: The Nokia Blog

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