Nokia Sea Ray supposedly final images leak out

Nokia Sea Ray supposedly final images leak out
The Nokia Sea Ray probably won’t be the only Nokia Windows Phone to launch - a mysterious Nokia Sabre was leaked by none other than Microsoft, but the Sea Ray is the one we know most about. First of all, we know it looks almost exactly like the pillow-shaped Nokia N9, but runs WP Mango instead of MeeGo.

Now, a leak coming from T-Mobile Germany seems to confirm all that and give us a first peek at the Sea Ray in its finalized form. Translated, the text on the picture below says:

“The new Nokia Searay.
Drive safely to your destination with Nokia – including 3D.
Representation and voice navigation.
Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system.
Brilliant 3.7″ AMOLED curved display”

The only thing that’s puzzling us a bit is the color choice - contrasty black and white doesn’t seem like the best combo for your eyes, but this shouldn’t be too big of a deal even if true as the color scheme should be easily customizable. 

Just recently, we saw a free offline navigation app hit the Windows Phone Marketplace, and while it’s expected to be available on all devices, initially it might be a differentiator for Nokia. Is the Sea Ray the kind of ray Nokia needs to exit the tunnel it has entered recently?

source: TheNokiaBlog

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