Nokia N900's CPU overclocked to a mind boggling 1700MHz

Nokia N900's CPU overclocked to a mind boggling 1700MHz
Call it a death wish or whatever you want, but the Nokia N900 is taking things to a whole new level that most smartphone CPUs do not dare setting their foot in. Not only is the Nokia N900 greatly considered by many to be one of the best all-time hackable smartphones, but it was recently seen to surpass itself in terms of processor speed. Generally chugging along quite well and stable at 600MHz, the N900's CPU surpassed its previous pinnacle of 1GHz and broke down the barriers to safely rest upon the 1700MHz mark. One individual took a snapshot of the new record as it is clearly strapped in for the ride of its life – which is to say that it's probably doing more harm than good to the handset. Even if it's difficult to say if the photo is authentic, anyone who even fathoms of getting their smartphone to this level is surely warranting an early demise. As much as this record may stick, the N900 never ceases to amaze anyone on the mind boggling things it can do just to prove people otherwise.

Nokia N900 Specifications | Review

via mobilport (translated)


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