Nokia Lumia 928 can now be purchased from Verizon

Nokia Lumia 928 can now be purchased from Verizon
Boy, it is great when newly announced smartphones are launched fast, not ages after being introduced. After being officially unveiled on May 10, the Nokia Lumia 928 can now be purchased from Verizon. Pricing, as promised, is set at $100 on a 2-year contract, with an extra $25 of credit to be used towards purchases from the Windows Marketplace. The smartphone is available in either black or white.

If ordered today via Verizon's online store, your Nokia Lumia 928 will be shipped by May 20. Alternatively, you're free to visit one of the carrier's retail outlets where the smartphone should be available as well.

For those who need their memories refreshed, the Nokia Lumia 928 is a high-end Windows Phone 8 handset offering many of the features found on the Nokia Lumia 920. However, the Lumia 928 comes with an even better camera paired with a bright Xenon flash for better performance in low-light. Also, a 4.5-inch OLED screen has been used for the device instead of an LCD one.

Anyone thinking of getting the Verizon-exclusive Nokia Lumia 928? Those who want one are advised to check out our Lumia 928 hands-on first.

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Lumia 928
  • Display 4.5" 768 x 1280 pixels
  • Camera 8.7 MP / 1.2 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, Dual-core, 1500 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 2000 mAh(17h 3G talk time)



1. shnibz

Posts: 513; Member since: Sep 18, 2011

Want!!! Gotta wait until August though.

2. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

July here. By then we might actually see some X Phone action or a One for Verizon. Still, I eagerly await 928 reviews because hey... Nokia. I miss Nokia!

3. EXkurogane

Posts: 863; Member since: Mar 07, 2013

If you can wait i suggest wait for the next models due in November, that's where all the huge upgrades like quad core and 1080p will make their way into the next gen of windows phones - though, the catch is Verizon might not get any of them (AT&T again) and for Verizon = next year. Im saying this as a fan of Nokia's products. If you dont care about specs and want a reliable phone, then 928 is a good choice.

6. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Most likely it will go to AT&T unless Verizon sees phenomenal sales from the 928...which I'm not expecting. Verizon will continue pushing the ever-profitable Galaxy S, iPhone and Droid lines. Can't say I blame them, but I welcome the additional choice of a flagship Lumia.

4. mydi.maus unregistered

walting for google s4 hahaha

7. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Not on Verizon you're not

5. mamba

Posts: 18; Member since: May 13, 2013

what beauty....

8. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

I suppose the 928 is cool and all, but... The 925 has been stealing my eye. Wonder if they'd ever go in on a luxury brand crossover - cut a deal with Porsche and license use of the 911 (Turbo?) moniker. Hot red paint job, swift & nimble, finely tuned and calibrated... eh, a fella can dream right?

9. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

That would turn me right off. "Oh, so this is the phone for pretentious douchebags with penis envy. I'll pass."

10. jbryant23

Posts: 1; Member since: May 16, 2013

Just got back from my Verizon store where the lady had no idea what a lumia 928 was. Her boss said the phone wasn't released yet. So no Lumia 928 for me today.

11. haseebzahid

Posts: 1853; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

why you always release the phone only to the dark side of earth nokia why not rest of plannet EARTH

14. evarod48

Posts: 154; Member since: Oct 30, 2012

because here on the dark side we can spell planet

15. haseebzahid

Posts: 1853; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

ur side only contain one 'n' :P rest does not follw you and its still darkside

12. dexter_jdr

Posts: 1163; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

put this baby in the philippines!! im buying it!!

16. timepilot84

Posts: 113; Member since: Aug 16, 2012

Are there CDMA carriers in PI?

13. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

How does the 928 score a better camera than the 920? Especially the 920 after the Amber update.... Sure, the 928 gets a Xenon flash, but that isn't exactly a 'camera' improvement, per se. The 925 may have the more improved camera, with its 6 element lens, but I will wait until I see pics taken with a production version 925.

17. Quetza

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 27, 2012

I m going on holiday in the US this summer. Will it work in the EU on my local carrier?

18. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

It is a global phone. If I got this phone and took it to the EU, I would just remove the Verizon LTE SIM and replace it with a local GSM SIM. Full price is $500US (I don't know if that's considered affordable).

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