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  • Nokia Lumia 928 and its high-performance microphone get demonstrated at a NY subway

Nokia Lumia 928 and its high-performance microphone get demonstrated at a NY subway

Posted: , by Nick T.

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Nokia Lumia 928 and its high-performance microphone get demonstrated at a NY subway
It may have not been treated to the unveiling ceremony it deserves, but the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon is pretty much official. Now Nokia's mission is to make sure that people are aware of what its latest flagship is capable of. What kind of stunts has the company's marketing team come up this time? Well, we saw a video recording comparison between the Nokia Lumia 928, the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, touting the Lumia's optical image stabilization and low-light performance, but that, apparently, was just round one of the whole battle.

This time around, Nokia is showing off the audio recording superiority of the Lumia 928 against... Samsung's flagship of last year – the Galaxy S III. The demonstration takes place in a New York subway station where a band is playing some funky tunes. Unsurprisingly, the Lumia came out victorious thanks to its high-performance microphone, which is capable of capturing audio at high volumes without distorting it. The Samsung Galaxy S III, on the other hand, may sound louder in the video, but its microphone can't quite handle the high sound pressure level, which results in audible distortion.

Of course, let us not forget that the Nokia Lumia 928 has yet to be tested against flagship smartphones from 2013, such as the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4, both of which are probably better at capturing audio than the Galaxy S III. Yet that's going to happen once the Lumia 928 finally hits the shelves. Sadly, we have no information as to when Nokia's new hero is going to launch. 

source: Nokia via Engadget

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posted on 09 May 2013, 02:27 2

1. zhiae (unregistered)

okay this nokia mic and camera is best out there but and other smartphones in cam and mice is good but nokia windows is best jail out there screens are good not best although CPU
what nokia wined is price good price for a smartphone with viber...etc
but high ends not my taste here like lumia 920
and ''if i want a good camera i would buy DSLR cam''

posted on 09 May 2013, 02:44 15

2. raunak (Posts: 507; Member since: 12 Oct 2011)

IMO, Nokia is the best phone manufacturer. By far.

Nokia is as good as other companies when it comes to screen and chipset. They actually have better screens than others in mid range with 720 and 620. 808 had the best sunlight legibility in a phone EVER which makes me wonder if CBD is better than SAMOLED. Some sites say they are.

So all in all if you buy a high end nokia phone, you'll get the toughest phone with one of the best designs, best camera and audio recording and one of the best screens. Other than that - nokia is just as good as others. So overall I prefer Nokia.

posted on 09 May 2013, 09:48

17. trexnkrumpets (Posts: 45; Member since: 15 Jan 2013)

I agree. My 920 far outbeats any smartphone i've used for outside readability. Even on the lowest brightness I can still read it without straining my eyes.

posted on 09 May 2013, 02:56 1

5. Emily1985 (Posts: 127; Member since: 08 Nov 2012)

You're right, do not listen to them.
As I leave the house I take my phone to make phone calls, tablet to for the internet, laptop for office files, DSLR camera to take pictures from time to time, dedicated GPS because I drive a lot and and mp3 player for my beautiful music.

We showed them how smart we are :)

posted on 09 May 2013, 02:50 3

3. mydi.maus (unregistered)

ha galaxy s3 distort lumia sounds good.well wanna see pic sample to on dis bad boy..

posted on 09 May 2013, 02:54

4. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4321; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

Okay, that's pretty good.
But what i also want to know...if the 928 can also record low frequency audio without much noise.

posted on 09 May 2013, 04:02 1

6. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

GS III is last years smartphone. Does Nokia think L928 is last years tech? Why aren't they comparing to this years tech? HTC One for example. Or, Sammy GS IV. Enquiring minds want to know.

posted on 09 May 2013, 04:15 3

9. JC557 (Posts: 1794; Member since: 07 Dec 2011)

Considering Nokia got HTC to stop using the HD mics in the HTC One it seems fair. I'm guessing this little ad would be a compelling reason why.

posted on 09 May 2013, 05:29

11. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Not stopped yet. HTC can use their on-hand supply of HDR microphones. The One may be this years best audio offering!

posted on 09 May 2013, 07:26

12. tashreef (Posts: 476; Member since: 24 Nov 2012)

so what you want say ... S4 has better sound quality.?. i guess not..and when it comes to HTC one..what's the use of comparing when One is using same chip as L928 .... may be unknowingly ..may be not... so that's a fair comparison ....

posted on 09 May 2013, 08:00

13. vandroid (Posts: 348; Member since: 04 Sep 2012)

You can't say this is the best when its being compared to flagships of last year it is better but theres going to be phones with better recording than this. Nokia is the apple of windows phone

posted on 09 May 2013, 09:22 2

15. raunak (Posts: 507; Member since: 12 Oct 2011)

Did you so what happened to HTC One? It was using Nokia-specific microphone. Nokia sued. They had to replace the microphone with a simple kind of microphone, which means they could not find a true replacement.
So no. No phone this year other than nokia's own will offer better recording than this. Certainly not the thief company.

posted on 09 May 2013, 09:28

16. raunak (Posts: 507; Member since: 12 Oct 2011)


posted on 09 May 2013, 12:10

18. dexter_jdr (Posts: 1163; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)


posted on 09 May 2013, 14:10

20. vandroid (Posts: 348; Member since: 04 Sep 2012)

I'm so burned... No, the year isn't even over

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