Nokia Lumia 800 takes a swim in icy waters, snaps a photo, and lives to tell the tale

Nokia Lumia 800 takes a swim in icy waters, snaps a photo, and lives to tell the tale
The Nokia Lumia 800 was the first flagship model for Windows Phone. Eventually replaced at the top of the Windows Phone totem pole by the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 800 has shown off its toughness before. In November 2011, a one-year old took his Dad's Nokia Lumia 800 and tossed it off a balcony. The device landed on concrete and you would have expected that this would have been the end of that handset. But amazingly, there was not even one scratch on the glass or the polycarbonate body. The only problem was the power button which was loosened a bit.

So now we move ahead to a story that just took place on Saturday, again with the Nokia Lumia 800, but this time in Oulu, Finland. A man by the name of Kiiminki Egyptian Timo was diving, so he gave his friend his Nokia Lumia 800 to hold. All of a sudden, the ice broke and the friend and the phone plunged into the water. The friend was fished out of the water quickly, but the phone spent 10 minutes in what could have been its watery grave.

Once retrieved from the water, the SIM card was pulled out and after drying off for a couple of hours the phone booted up. The only problem with the handset is that the touchscreen doesn't register every input, which makes it kind of hard to use. Still, this is not a model with any type of water protection like the Sony Xperia Z, and it almost survived. Not only that, it also manged to snap a picture while underwater!

What kind of war story do you have about an incident that showed off the build quality of your current or past handset?

source: WPCentral

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