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  • Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 525 vs Moto E: entry-level specs showdown

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 525 vs Moto E: entry-level specs showdown

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 525 vs Moto E: entry-level specs showdown
Microsoft just expanded its entry-level portfolio of Windows Phone devices with the Nokia Lumia 530, a successor to the Nokia Lumia 525. The latter, as you probably know, is a slightly refined version of the Nokia Lumia 520, Redmond's best-selling smartphone of all time. Thus, don't expect the new Lumia 530 to woo you with anything in the hardware department – after all, it's a low-end device that is targeted at emerging markets.

Microsoft's latest affordable device is equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon 200 SoC, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of native storage, and a 1430mAh juicer at the rear, which is touted as being able to keep the Lumia 530 kicking and ticking up to 22 days in standby mode. Oh, and it comes with the latest version of Redmond's OS, Windows Phone 8.1. The affordable device will retail at $114 before taxes and subsidies.

Well, okay, but how does the device fare against its predecessor? Does it deliver or is it just a minor improvement, similar to the Android-powered Nokia X2? Frankly said, we suppose that some may solely view Windows Phone 8.1 as a sound enough reason to upgrade to the Lumia 530, but that might not be the case for everybody. Let's check out the spec sheets and see if the Lumia 530 is a trooper, at least on paper. Note that we've also thrown in another affordable champ, the Motorola Moto E, for a good measure.

So, can you distinguish a clear winner or you're on the fence?

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 525 vs Motorola Moto E

OSWindows Phone, 8.1Windows Phone, 8Android (4.4.4, 4.4.3, 4.4.2)
Dimensions4.71 x 2.45 x 0.46 inches (119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7 mm)4.72 x 2.52 x 0.39 inches (119.9 x 64 x 9.9 mm)4.91 x 2.55 x 0.48 inches (124.8 x 64.8 x 12.3 mm)
Weight4.55 oz (129 g)
the average is 5.4 oz (155 g)
4.37 oz (124 g)
the average is 5.4 oz (155 g)
5.01 oz (142 g)
the average is 5.4 oz (155 g)
FeaturesInterchangeable covers Interchangeable covers
Rugged  Splash resistant
Physical size4.0 inches4.0 inches4.3 inches
Resolution480 x 854 pixels480 x 800 pixels540 x 960 pixels
Pixel density

Pixel density - The pixel density of a display represents the number of pixels over an area of one inch. It’s measured in “pixels per inch”, or ppi. The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is.

245 ppi235 ppi256 ppi

Technology - There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: LCD and AMOLED. The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Newer LCD variations like IPS-LCD and Super-LCD allow for very accurate color reproduction and very wide viewing angles, where no significant image quality loss is observed. Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors (sometimes too much) and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays.

Screen-to-body ratio

Screen-to-body ratio - Shows what part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies.

59.22 %58.46 %63.10 %
Colors16 777 21616 777 21616 777 216
Camera5 megapixels5 megapixels5 megapixels
Aperture size

Aperture size - The aperture of a camera is the opening through which light travels before it reaches the camera sensor. The smaller the number is, the bigger this opening is, allowing for more light to pass.

Focal length (35mm equivalent)

Focal length (35mm equivalent) - The lower (shorter) the focal length number, the wider the shot will be. Conversely, longer focal length cameras produce narrower frames, which can be used for telephoto (zoomed-in) purposes.

28 mm28 mm 
Camera sensor size

Camera sensor size - A bigger camera sensor is able to capture more light, and thus produce better photos.

Hardware Features Autofocus 
Software FeaturesFace detection, Voice activation, Geo taggingDigital zoom, Geo taggingGeo tagging
CamcorderResolution, 864 x 480 pixels 30 fps1280x720 (720p HD) (30 fps)Resolution, 854 x 480 pixels 30 fps
Recording formatMPEG4, H.264MPEG4, H.264MPEG4, H.263, H.264
FeaturesVideo sharing Picture-taking during video recording, Video sharing
System chip

System chip - Most modern handsets use an advanced chip that includes many of the device’s hardware modules like the processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sometimes even the wireless radio. This field shows what particular system chip (or System-on-a-Chip) is used in the phone.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 200Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8210

Processor - The processor is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor when it comes to the overall speed of the device. Some more powerful smartphones use dual-core and quad-core processors designed to deliver greater performance.

Quad-core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7Dual-core, 1000 MHz, KraitDual-core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7
Graphics processor

Graphics processor - The graphics processor is important for the smooth operation of the system and especially in games and other applications that may involve complex graphics and animations.

Adreno 302Adreno 305Adreno 302
System memory

System memory - System memory, or RAM memory is the type of memory that the device uses to temporarily store data from the OS or currently-running apps. The more RAM available to the device, the better the performance will be when multiple or heavier programs are running.

Built-in storage

Built-in storage - Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video. Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space.

4 GB8 GB4 GB
Storage expansion

Storage expansion - Some handsets allow you to expand their storage capacity by using a memory expansion card – most often microSD. Expansion memory is mostly suitable for media storage, such as photo, video or music content.

microSD, microSDHC, microSDXCmicroSD, microSDHC, microSDXCmicroSD, microSDHC

Capacity - The bigger, the better! However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life. Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer's unique usage pattern.

1430 mAh1430 mAh1980 mAh
Talk time13.40 hours
the average is 20 h (1190 min)
16.90 hours
the average is 20 h (1190 min)
Stand-by time22.0 days (528 hours)
the average is 19 days (463 h)
14.0 days (336 hours)
the average is 19 days (463 h)
Talk time (3G)10.00 hours
the average is 18 h (1071 min)
10.60 hours
the average is 18 h (1071 min)
Music playback51.00 hours48.00 hours 
Video playback5.50 hours5.90 hours 
Screen mirroring  Wireless screen share

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access. A technique of multiplexing, also called spread spectrum, in which analog signals are converted into digital form for transmission. For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence known to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel. The foremost application is digital cellular phone technology from QUALCOMM that operates in the 800MHz band and 1.9GHz PCS band. CDMA phones are noted for their excellent call quality and long battery life.

  800, 1900 MHz
GSM850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
UMTS900, 2100 MHz900, 2100 MHz850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
DataHSDPA+ (4G) 21.1 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/sHSDPA+ (4G) 21.1 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s, UMTSHSDPA+ (4G) 21.1 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s, UMTS
Shopping information
MSRP price  $ 129

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posted on 23 Jul 2014, 05:29 2

1. NokiaFTW (Posts: 2072; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

In terms of just pure bang for the buck, the Lumia 530 wins easily. But the Moto E is a great alternative as well. Personally, all the phones are great. And the stuff they offer for their respective prices is just awesome!

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 05:52 9

3. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

Hardly. The Moto E has double the RAM, a bigger higher resolution display, and a bigger battery for only $15 more. 512 MB of RAM, even on a device in this price range, is unacceptable. I guess it has a better CPU, but we're still not sure if it uses the Snapdragon 200 with Cortex A5 cores + Adreno 203 or Cortex A7 + Adreno 302.

This doesn't win anything easily in this range.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 06:42 4

5. nokia12 (Posts: 582; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

it is not cortex A5 as they have been discontinued long time back... they were manufactured on 45nm technology ...

the only reason nokia was able to launch it in this year was because Nokia X was made around june 2013 and its launch was delayed ..due to acquistion and internal fights
qualcomm had stopped manufacturing that chip when they shifted to 28nm

so it is 10000000 % cortex A7 .. a 512 mb ram means this phone is instantly dead in front of moto E .and lumia 520/525 are anyday much superior to Lumia 530..

NokiaFTW is just a blindfanboy and will support anything related to MS

when he himself can't see why would anyone buy lumia 530 when a much better phone like Lumia 520 is already available at cheaper price

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 07:12

7. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

They obviously weren't discontinued, they make up part of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 200 series, which they announced last year, and they started using 28nm in 2012. I know Samsung and HTC made some devices using it last year. It could definitely be Cortex A5.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 07:57

9. nokia12 (Posts: 582; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

yes they surely did started making 28nm in 2012 but that was in high and mid end

and i am also saying that cortex A5 was discontinued in early last year only .. there hasn't been any phone launch with that chip after October/november except nokia X which i mentioned in previous post..

Snapdragon 200 was announced last year sure and cortex A5 was a part of it as well but it has been discontinued just like you can't get snapdragon 600 anymore in new devices same way you can't get those old chips as newer and better chips are available at same price..

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 10:04

12. sgodsell (Posts: 4858; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

Has no one taken into consideration the ecosystem. Androids is vast compared to WP. That alone would sway me over Android. The other thing is for even a few more bucks people could get a moto g, which is superior to these. In fact some places you can pick up a moto g for $99 off contract.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 06:53

6. LetsBeHonest (Posts: 1526; Member since: 04 Jun 2013)

The thing is that, this does not offer anything that make existing lumia 520 users to upgrade to this. The design (my personal opinion) is kind of downgrade from 520. Those sharp edged square lumia 520/525 is much better looking than this. And 4GB internal storage is also a downgrade form 8GB but that's not a big problem since wp8.1 support apps to be moved to sd card. And 512MB ram is also a downgrade, i was expecting an increase in ram but disappointed. True 512MB ram is will run WP okay but is not enough for gaming and multitasking. Most game requires 1gb ram minimum also it takes forever developers to optimize their apps for 512mb ram devices (just look at subway surfer). I hope successor to 720 is worthy.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 11:10

14. DogeShibe (Posts: 1116; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)


I seriously hope that L720's successor is a true upgrade.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 09:24 1

11. icyrock1 (Posts: 307; Member since: 25 Mar 2013)

The 525 is a better deal, honestly. More RAM (1GB Vs 512MB), more built in storage (8GB Vs 4 GB), and better graphics (305 Vs 302 Adrino). Plus, it'll be cheaper now that the 530 is out.

posted on 24 Jul 2014, 03:23

22. clodderes (Posts: 27; Member since: 11 Feb 2014)

I agreed

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 12:54

16. 0xFFFF (Posts: 3806; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

"In terms of just pure bang for the buck, the Lumia 530 wins easily. But the Moto E is a great alternative as well. Personally, all the phones are great. And the stuff they offer for their respective prices is just awesome!"

This statement is total garbage. All 512MB WP phone models, including the Lumia 530, are already obsolete. They can't even run Microsoft's latest lockscreen app.

Which leaves the Lumia 525 and the Moto E is clearly a better value for the money vs the overpriced Lumia 525.

People new to Microsoft don't yet understand that the master of screwing the customer is now in charge of the former Nokia mobile device division. Things don't get better from here on. Rather the road ahead is the road to hell.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 05:30 1

2. Trolloftheyear (banned) (Posts: 66; Member since: 16 Jul 2014)

Why the hell they downgraded RAM and storage?

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 22:16

19. elitewolverine (Posts: 5192; Member since: 28 Oct 2013)

Because unlike android with their half backed install to sd card status, this is not a 4gb+maybe 32gb device. This is a 4gb+128gb device.

RAM, Ram only really matters when the OS cannot handle it, which droid 512 has shown to lag, not so with windows phone. And when you have a quad vs dual core, the ram is not the issue. In fact ram is rarely the issue.

What I don't like is the fixed focus, but if they price this phone at 50-70, there is nothing that competes, unless things are on sale, like the L90 or Light which are normally 200 phones being sold on a sale. And even at that, the 521 holds its own.

I don't like that the low ends don't have front facing, but these are entry devices, so it is what it is.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 06:06 1

4. kindlefireowner (Posts: 503; Member since: 05 Dec 2011)

Microsoft has skipped giving CDMA prepaid customers any love again. Why? If the Nokia 1320 was on Verizon Prepaid, I would buy one.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 07:45

8. diehardnokian (Posts: 145; Member since: 27 Apr 2014)

no flash:(

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 09:19

10. joey_sfb (Posts: 6600; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

All of them suck! Why throw a hundred dollar away?

For this price I would get me a RedMi 1S.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 10:57

13. Daytonadave17 (Posts: 54; Member since: 26 Oct 2013)

Either way nobody can hang with Nokias low end phone prices for the specs in my opinion!

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 12:28

15. Planterz (Posts: 2110; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

Of these 3, gotta go with the Moto E.

But if you're on T-Mobile, you should hit eBay at get a Galaxy Light. Quad core 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 8gb ROM, microSD slot.

AND LTE!!!!!

$135 brand new.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 17:41

17. Cyberchum (Posts: 749; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

WP8.1 is slick agreed but provided that the meagre RAM storage on the 530 and 630 will limit app compatibility, there's no way I'm getting it over the 525. Nokia and now Microsoft should stop shooting themselves on the leg. Add extra 512 MB of RAM and charge extra 15 USD.

posted on 23 Jul 2014, 22:22

20. elitewolverine (Posts: 5192; Member since: 28 Oct 2013)

less than 1% of apps in the store are affected by the ram.

In fact it is less than .5% percent of apps in the store.


"Of the 331 incompatible apps reported above, 199 of them come from just two developers: Maan and AppDesigner.com. Both are utilising app templates to create similar apps, the former being city guides and the latter video-based tutorial apps. If both developers were to be excluded from the data, we'd be looking at just 0.088 percent of apps being incompatible with hardware sporting 512MB of RAM. Good job, developers."

posted on 24 Jul 2014, 03:21

21. clodderes (Posts: 27; Member since: 11 Feb 2014)

unfortunately, it's indeed the case with games. a lot of games, especially the new one and 3D games require 1 GB of RAM to work.

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