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  • Nokia Lumia 520 doubles its global market share to nearly 9% of Windows Phone market

Nokia Lumia 520 doubles its global market share to nearly 9% of Windows Phone market

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Nokia Lumia 520 doubles its global market share to nearly 9% of Windows Phone market
According to mobile ad network Adduplex, last month the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 held 4.4% of the global Windows Phone market. We've seen the Nokia Lumia 521 variant of this model sell out in the states through HSN, Walmart and through T-Mobile's monthly pre-paid service. Obviously Nokia has struck a chord with the public, offering a well-received combination of specs and features for the price.

Earlier on Saturday, Adduplex's Alan Mendelevich sent out a tweet to say that the Nokia Lumia 520 has doubled its global market share in the last month. At 8.8%, the phone would have an impressive grip on the Windows Phone market. Mendelevich also passed along some other information. He says that Adduplex has seen new Windows Phone 8 models made by HTC, Nokia, Huawei and Samsung. In addition, for the first time the number of Windows Phone 8 models in use surpass the number of Windows Phone 7 models still active. And not surprisingly, Lumia models monopolize the list of top selling Windows Phone models.

Mendelevich also hints that Verizon has taken over the top spot in Windows Phone 8 sales in the U.S., no doubt thanks to the Nokia Lumia 928.

Tweets from Alan Mendelevich reveal new information about Windows Phone 8

Tweets from Alan Mendelevich reveal new information about Windows Phone 8

Thanks Anonymous Tipster!

source: @ailon via NokiaPowerUser

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posted on 08 Jun 2013, 23:45 1

1. TheBitterrTruth (unregistered)

Sales figures?

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 06:07 6

15. zippolite28 (Posts: 107; Member since: 28 Sep 2012)

i bot one yest and 520 is really nice to use .... for the cost

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 13:01 1

26. squallz506 (banned) (Posts: 1075; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

I was going to order one as a backup and a test for wp8. No camera flash made me pass. All phones should have a flash by now. My bro's $40 android 4.0.4 kyocera event has a flash. Why not the $150 lumia 521? Idrc tho, I'm saving for the next nexus device. Maybe the s4 GE if I get too anxious xD

posted on 10 Jun 2013, 01:42

30. Landmarkcm (Posts: 506; Member since: 11 Aug 2009)

Ive been saying that! It's the only thing really that kept me from picking one up. Not sure why they would leave that off. I wouldnt think it would make it cost that much extra. Getting me a 620 instead!

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 15:49

28. TheBitterrTruth (unregistered)

Samsung Fans thumbing me down for asking sales figures!

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 00:30 11

4. kindlefireowner (Posts: 503; Member since: 05 Dec 2011)

The low end segment of the smartphone market in the USA is there for WP8. Low end android phones are horrible. Blackberry is still selling BB7 phones with no plans to release the Q-5 in the USA. WP8 could do well on prepaid. I would buy one if it ran on Verizon prepaid network.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 01:40 9

7. Antonyjoseph (Posts: 217; Member since: 06 Apr 2013)

There is no android phone in this price range which is half as good as the 520 period. At least in some markets, all Nokia has to do is to keep making these 520s and they will continue to be sold out. Nokia lost a similar opportunity with the 720. All they have to do is to jack up the RAM to 1GB. I hope they do it.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 04:25 2

12. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

There is galaxy ace 2 which costs the same in my country, I don´t know about other markets so maybe lumia has an advantage there, I don´t know.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 07:21 2

17. muhsen (Posts: 281; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

the lumia 520 costs less not to mention the 520 has 1ghz duel core snapdragon s4 which is alotttttt bettttttterrrrrrrrrrrrrr than the 800 mhz duel core st ericsson cortex a9 found in the galaxy ace 2

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 09:22

21. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

Yes ofcourse, I know. But with ace 2 you get android jelly bean and xda support, root, more ppi (because of its smaller display). But with lumia you get MSM8227 with adreno 305 which are better than U8500 in ace 2, MSM8227 should be more efficient and more powerful. And you get WP( which I wouldn´t recommend to anyone but you have the choice).
Also with ace 2 you get a better audio quality which is important. And with lumia 520 you get wifi a/b/g/n while with ace 2 you only get b/g/n, that could be a problem if you are using wifi a.
In my country they cost almost same so I would take ace 2 over lumia 520 mostly because of xda support. But I wouldn´t take any of these two in reality because they are low-end phones and they are not so good.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 04:43

14. jameshoe (unregistered)

Can I share this comment on Facebook?

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 10:00

22. Diazene (Posts: 129; Member since: 01 May 2013)

I don't think anyone would say no, especially if yu would give them credit for that

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 01:51 6

8. ihatesmartphone (unregistered)


posted on 09 Jun 2013, 09:13 1

20. TROLL (banned) (Posts: 4851; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)


posted on 09 Jun 2013, 16:05 1

29. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

this is little champ power. keep it up Nokia.......!!!

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 02:02 12

9. dan86 (Posts: 298; Member since: 17 Mar 2012)

Lumia 520 is really a good deal of hardware offered at that price bracket.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 03:56 3

11. harigrg33 (Posts: 181; Member since: 20 May 2013)

Lumia phone is a very good phone only things make it uselss is the app shortage......

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 04:26 8

13. haseebzahid (Posts: 1853; Member since: 22 Feb 2012)

dont know what apps you are loooking for O_o most needed apps are on windows store

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 14:19

27. deburocks (Posts: 126; Member since: 20 Apr 2013)

may b, i guess he meant games and not apps. Cos i can see most f the apps are there in windows store that are really needed and useful, but yup in game section it is short of some games title as compared to istore. But frankly speaking most f the people i have seen with their droids , iphns and specilly ipads play angry birds, subway surfer and temple run( most common games)

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 10:37

23. ihatesmartphone (unregistered)

soOO tRUE!!

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 08:59 2

19. papss (unregistered)

That's some serious growth.. As long as nothing terrible is announced I'll be supporting the platform again with the EOS. A great camera phone goes with my lifestyle. Always snapping pictures of my son whether it be playing in a soccer game or running around the house.

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 11:24 3

24. roldefol (Posts: 4365; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

Go Nokia! Good to see them tearing up the sales charts at Verizon too.

I am not a Nokia fan, but I like the idea of a solid WP contender. Having a strong-selling iPhone, Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Lumia 92x all at once gives me hope for the industry. Good luck to all!

posted on 09 Jun 2013, 11:57

25. Sondae (Posts: 291; Member since: 02 Jan 2013)

Sounds like Nokia found its target market. I just hope they use this apportunity.

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