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Nokia Lumia 1520 can be pre-ordered in Switzerland

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 can be pre-ordered in Switzerland
The Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet can now be pre-ordered...in Switzerland. The 6 inch Windows Phone 8 model is priced at 849 Swiss Francs ($950 USD) from Swiss retailer Digitec. The first phablet to be powered by the Windows Phone platform will be available in black, white, red and yellow. The device should ship around the end of next month. In the U.S., the Nokia Lumia 1520 will be an exclusive for AT&T.

To refresh your memory, the device offers a 6 inch LCD screen with resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a 368ppi pixel density. Powering the phone is a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with the Adreno 330 GPU handling graphics. Inside you will find 2GB of RAM and 32GB of native storage. A 64GB capacity microSD slot is available to expand storage, and a rear-facing 20.7MP PureView camera features OIS for photographs and video capture. The 1.2MP front-facing snapper lets you take "selfies".  A phone like this needs a large power source which is why a 3400mAh cell is packed inside.

The GDR3 update comes with this phone out of the box, which means features like the orientation lock can freeze your phone so that it always displays in portrait or landscape, multitaskers can close open apps from the multitasking page by clicking on the "X" on the upper right corner of the app, and Driving Mode will automatically intercept calls and texts sent to you while driving. A pre-written message can be sent via SMS to the person trying to get in touch with you, telling them that you are behind the wheel of your car and cannot answer a call or a text.

source: Digitec.ch, NokiaViews via WMPoweruser

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posted on 27 Oct 2013, 13:14

1. Miracles (Posts: 560; Member since: 31 Aug 2013)

ohahwa...the price. Well I figured it be for AT&T in the U.S. They give phone for less price on contracts, but in those two years they rip me off double that amount. Not falling for that.

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 14:01 9

3. Credo (Posts: 749; Member since: 19 Apr 2012)

I just can't wait for this beast !!!

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 19:21 1

20. freebee269 (Posts: 539; Member since: 10 Aug 2012)

same here. i'm getting the glossy red one. excited to see how it performs. would be nice if AT&T announced a release date.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 01:01 1

24. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Me too...

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 14:06

4. Napalm_3nema (Posts: 2236; Member since: 14 Jun 2013)

Screw the 1520. Let's get that Lumia 929, and its variants, on the market. I really don't understand the strategy of making your new hardware flagship a 6" phone, then making the second one a 5" Verizon exclusive. They should have debuted an 1120 5" 1080p S800 phone, the 1520, and the 2520 all on the same day.

As for the 2520, I would really like to have one as a laptop replacement, but Win 8 RT killed that deal. Office is nice, but that is hardly enough to justify dumping an OSX or Win8 laptop, since it won't run any serious programs. Give me a 2620 Win 8.1 tablet.

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 14:40

5. twens (Posts: 1064; Member since: 25 Feb 2012)

If only this phone has....
wifi mouse
Plus some free games in the appstore I would trade in my note 3 in a second.

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 15:42 7

8. MojoDojo (Posts: 102; Member since: 11 Jul 2013)

Official Instagram and Path are coming very soon.
Viber is there, and free games are there. All Angry Birds except the original is free right now for an example, Cut the rope and Cute the rope exp. also.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 02:30

27. rd_nest (Posts: 1656; Member since: 06 Jun 2010)

Games on WP?? I checked the catalogue last week when I was checking for a Lumia phone.

This is like a ghost town. Don't give me that "angry birds" argument. Not even my 7-yr cousin is interested in Angry Birds. It was even in WebOS for ffs.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 07:09

30. MojoDojo (Posts: 102; Member since: 11 Jul 2013)

Dont you feel pathetic that you are so bitter when you go to sleep at night?

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 16:13 6

10. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

Wait a month and all that you mentioned will be available on WP... Let's face it,, WP is a very good third option..

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 19:26

21. freebee269 (Posts: 539; Member since: 10 Aug 2012)

instagram is right around the corner.


official vine app is right around the corner also. it was announce at nokia world. also viber is said to be close to a launch. there's lots of free games in the app store including some good big name titles.

to be honest with you, there isnt anything i use on android that isnt on wp8 now. android has way more apps but as far as the main apps that i use they are also on wp8.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 03:14

28. rd_nest (Posts: 1656; Member since: 06 Jun 2010)

I looked at WP sometime back as a backup phone. I didn't have much luck (or satisfactory answer) for some apps. I am not even talking about games here, which is severely lacking in WP8. I didn't include youtube as I know there are a few third-party alternatives.

Gmail (never used any MS email account, so no point creating a new one right now)?
Google maps (Nokia maps sucks in my place)?
Live score addicts?
Pixlr Express?
MX Player Pro?
AutoCAD 360?
App lock?
Trickster MOD?
power toggles?
ES File Explorer?

Just a few I use regularly.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 06:46

29. Mozarrt (Posts: 301; Member since: 08 Oct 2011)

Half of your apps you can't even get on an iPhone, some are on Windows Phone and some aren't, but most have 3rd party alternatives.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 20:57

33. freebee269 (Posts: 539; Member since: 10 Aug 2012)

of those apps you listed i only use:

gmail: support built into windows phone and works very well.
google maps: nokia maps work very well in michigan.
mx player pro: the only thing i wish was on windows phone of the android apps i use.
poweramp: i find the windows phone player good enough for me.
feedly: i like phonly which is an app just like feedly and it's beautiful.

the rest that you use i dont use. so as i said, windows phone has almost all the apps that i use on android.

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 14:41 5

6. gazmatic (Posts: 795; Member since: 06 Sep 2012)

two devices have peaked my interest..... lumia 1520 and lumia 2520...

i look forward to getting both

nokia has never disappointed me...

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 18:26

18. GrapeEyes (Posts: 248; Member since: 01 Sep 2013)

That means the Lumia 1520 is £588

The Apple 5S 32GB is £629

The Lumia 1520 outclasses the 5S in every department and its cheaper!!

The best thing about the Lumia 1520 is after a month the price will most likely go down, where the 5S will still keep its prices HIGH!!

These tactics are going to give the iPhone management team a massive wake up call soon!!

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 18:58 2

19. GrapeEyes (Posts: 248; Member since: 01 Sep 2013)

Just because Samsung will sell more Note 3 than Nokia will sell Lumia 1520 does not mean the Note 3 is better!!

It's like saying, Ford sell more cars than Bentley so it must be better, when we know it is not.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 17:47

31. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

That's the best argument ever, and I always use cars as an example of how sales doesn't translate into quality.. As a matter of fact we usually see items that are more popular, and sale heavily, being of lesser quality.. That's most likely the case here.

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 22:20

22. wicpromd (Posts: 266; Member since: 20 Aug 2013)

lol so expensive
Galaxy S5 will make this Look old (in specs, Functionality, Ofcourse Android rules, IR and other gimmick features ) in just 2-3 months with almost same or a bit Less price tag

posted on 27 Oct 2013, 23:11

23. freebee269 (Posts: 539; Member since: 10 Aug 2012)

you just summed up the mobile industry. every phone looks old a few months later.

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 02:29

26. TheM16 (Posts: 80; Member since: 14 Aug 2013)

with this price tag...you are better off with Z Ultra or Note 3

posted on 28 Oct 2013, 17:50

32. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

That's only if your choice of device is based on price only.. If you want the best WP, and you could give a rats ass about what Android has to offer, then comparing the price of a WP vs an Android phone is irrelevant.... And vice versa.. So, quit all that immature platform competition BS❕

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