Nod is a ring that gives you the power to “move your world”


We can wear Google Glass on our head, a smartwatch on our wrist, and our smartphones can control just about everything else in the process. The one thing that is in common with all those things is that you have to hold or touch these things to get them to work.

Meet Nod. Nod is a ring. You simply wear Nod on your index finger, and you will be able to control just about any other connected device or service, all through gestures. Nod will interface with your phone, tablet, Google Glass, watch, TV, computer, even home appliances.

Nod will work with gamers too as it can work as a 32K DPI high-precision controller. Multiple Nods can be used together as well. Nod is a “nexus of gesture, design and technology.”

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, Nod has its own app so you can trigger the shutter for your camera while comfortably holding your phone for the perfect selfie. There are apps to control Nest, GoPro, Roku, and the newer LG TVs.

Based on the compatibility list, Nod will work with a lot of different gear out of the box. From Belkin WeMo devices to Windows. Nod can also be enabled for proximity lock and unlock. Want to navigate Google Earth on your widescreen at home with just your hands? Nod. Control music? Nod. Nod has an open API, so developers can build (and have built) enabled apps that can control just about anything through gestures.

Nod looks pretty cool. Check out the photos and video below. For the functionality being touted, the pre-order price of $149 looks pretty good. Orders will ship by this fall.

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sources: Nod via CNET

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