Nintendo releases Super Mario Run in the App Store

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The time has finally come for Super Mario Run to make its debut in the App Store. Nintendo has just released the game on iOS devices and fans of the franchise can get it for free.

If you've been playing another Mario game in the past, Nintendo's new title will surprise you since the Japanese developer managed to tailor Super Mario Run so that it can be played with a single hand.

Super Mario Run is an arcade platformer in which players have to guide Mario through the courses while using a variety of jumps. Depending on the timing of your taps, Mario will behave differently, so it's up to you to have a smooth run while reaching the goal.

Speaking of which, your ultimate objective in Super Mario Run is it rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches. The game comes with six worlds that consist of 24 new courses designed for mobile devices.

Super Mario Run features three gameplay modes, but all three require a persistent Internet connection. The story mode is called World Tour and will get you through all six worlds in order to save the princess.

Toad Rally is another Super Mario Run that allows players to compete against their friends and challenge people from across the globe. This is a challenge mode that plays different each time.

The third mode included in the game, Kingdom Builder enables players to gather coins and Toads and build their own kingdom. You can create unique kingdoms using decorations and buildings that you can acquire with the help of Toads gathered in the multiplayer mode (Toad Rally).

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Although Super Mario Run is available for free, players who want unlimited access to all three game modes will have to pay $9.99.

source: App Store

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