Niantic removes all legendary Pokemon Go creatures from all accounts

Niantic removes all legendary Pokemon Go creatures from all accounts
Niantic Labs, the company that develops Pokemon Go under Nintendo’s license, has just announced that it has removed all legendary Pokemon from all accounts.

In a statement issued to gamer-centric website IGN, a Niantic Labs representative said that the legendary Pokemon have been released by mistake. To rectify the situation, Niantic flipped a switch that removed all legendary Pokemon from Trainer’s accounts. Here’s the statement in full:

Interestingly, Niantic’s public decision to delete all legendary Pokemon from all accounts also serves as proof that these legendary creatures even existed in the first place.

In the past few days, there has been a lot controversy surrounding the legitimacy of legendary Pokemon. For instance, a Pokemon Go Trainer from Ohio who goes by the nickname of Kaitcovey has recently claimed to have captured the legendary creature Articuno. According to the Kaitcovey, Articuno was gifted to him by Niantic after the trainer contacted the developer regarding an issue with the insanely popular game

In the light of Niantic’s statement, it seems that Kaitcovey’s Articuno may have been legit. Unfortunately for the trainer, however, his legendary Pokemon has now been removed from his account. 

The Pokemon Go community is still recovering following a major update issued this past weekend. The update removed the three-step distance tracking system, axed most Pokemon Go maps (although a couple of alternatives are up and running), and also introduced a weird bug that caused Pokemon to transform after they’ve been captured with a Poke Ball.

source: IGN


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