Nexus One gets Android 2.3.4 OTA upgrade, but with no Google Talk voice and video

Nexus One gets Android 2.3.4 OTA upgrade, but with no Google Talk voice and video
Thanks to its stock Android build, the Nexus One still is near the top of the list when it comes to receiving the latest Android updates from Google. Being a senior citizen though, some of the newer features on Google's open source OS have to be eliminated. For example, while Nexus S users received Google Talk voice and video chat with their update to Android 2.3.4, N-One users will soon get an OTA update to the same Android build minus the Google Talk features. The reason for the lack of video chat on the Nexus One is simple. The phone was launched at a time when front-facing cameras were basically non-existent.

The update will also improve battery life for the N-One along with improved accuracy for the phone's location tracking services. Some owners of the device complained about the loss of accuracy using the phone's GPS application after Android 2.3.3 was installed.

source: Google

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1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

I'm not entirely sure why I want this then. My nexus one hasn't really shown me the heaven of Android. I'm starting to get tired of Android altogether. Clunky and unstable(relatively) crapware. Every time I scroll or zoom it makes me feel like its gonna die its so not smooth.

7. RickJ

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 21, 2011

I find zooming with 2 fingers really easy and smooth .. specially when navigating. But it works well even in e-mail, or when Internet browsing. Make sure, that skin on your finger tips is smooth. Use the pumice or fine sandpaper ... It is not the joke. If you play classical guitar [just an example] your skin on finger tips will harden so much, that you can forget about using any touch sensitive screen.

2. jack1059 unregistered

My nexus one is unstable crap. Loses 3g signal if you look at it funny, refuses to send sms's at random intervals, stutters and lags intermittently, screen touches wont register or register at different locations on the screen. Half the time I want to bash it with a hammer out of sheer frustration.

4. JC unregistered

Aren't the Vodafone problems?

6. RickJ

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 21, 2011

The problems descibed are more likely down to your 3G service provider. The screen touch mis hits are often caused by the poor setup. There are number of Android applications that allow you to change the screen senitivity. The skin temperature has an effect on how the amoled screen performs. Alternatively download and set as default ... "Launcher Pro" [free application found in the Market]. That should alleviate all the mis hits problems.

3. MaxLaw843 unregistered

Got no clue why the first 2 users are so down on Android. Bash a Nexus One with a hammer? For shame. Nexus One has been doing really, really well for me, since I ordered it on the very first day. Now, if you want crap, go to Windows Mobile which was on the phone that I had when I bought my Nexus One. Anyway, I received by OTA update to 2.3.4 this morning and it went seamlessly. Also, for some reason, I had about 6 MB more on the phone, now at 51.93 MB free! That in and of itself is good.

8. RickJ

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 21, 2011

You are lucky. I would download and upgrade to 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 manually, but I have heard stories, that certain functions stopped working when downloads were unzipped and installed. Hence I have decided to wait for over the line upgrade.

5. RickJ

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 21, 2011

I have 3 Nexus One phones, bought one year ago. All 3 came with amoled screens and are running 2.2 Android [still waiting for Vodafone to update me to 2.3.3]. I haven't got one bad thing to say about either of the Nexus One phones. I tend to change the phones once a year ... and true to form, 3 weeks ago I had upgraded two Vodafone contracts to HTC Sensation sets. Within the week, I took the contract Sims out of Sensations and was back with my Nexus phones. The HTC Sensation is a lousy phone by comparisson with the Nexus One. I found myself using the Nexus phones with pay as you go Sims in them, more than I was using the Sensation sets with contract Sims. Both Sensation sets had poor reception [on 3G and on Wi-Fi] ... and the last straw was that when I tried to use Bluetooth to transfer files between the netbook and the phone ... I had to stand on my head to do it. The HTC Sensation has a similar problem to iPhone 4.0 e.g. the reception suffers if you cover the back of the phone with palm of your hand, or if you are close to any electro-magnetic field. Not only does this affect 3G reception, it affects as well the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The HTC Screen was obviously never going to be better than amoled screen in Nexus One, but the sound, video, camera etc. were meant to be better, at least on the paper? They are ... marginally! I read, somewhere, a comparative review on HTC Sensation and Galaxy SII, where the Galaxy SII was better than the Sensation in everything except the SatNav. Where the Sensation had picked the instant signal from 8 satellites and Galaxy was slow and only managed to see 5 satellites. Hence the Sensation was faster and more accurate. THe Nexus One picks the signal from 7 satellites and it navigates faster and more accurately than my factory build in Mercedes SatNav which runs of the hard disk. The iPhone 4.0 or Nokia 8 owners can only dream about their Satellite Navigation coming anywhere close to Nexus speeds and accuracy.As far as the Android OS and Market application database are concerned ... it is the future of mobile communications. Wiithin the next 2 years, 99% of new applications will be developed for Android only [whether the Microsoft or Apple like it or not]. The Android is an open source system and the Google will eventually push through the notion of uniformity, to ensure that every hardware mnufacturer uses the standard version of software.

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