Nexus 8.9 Antutu benchmarks leak, and suggest LTE?

Nexus 8.9 Antutu benchmarks leak, and suggest LTE?
We've been getting a lot more information on the upcoming Motorola-made Nexus X smartphone than we have about the HTC-made Nexus 8.9 tablet; but, the floodgates on the Nexus tablet leaks seem to be cracking open a bit. After getting a CPU-Z report from a Nexus 8.9, TKTechNews has gotten an Antutu benchmark leak for the device as well.

The Antutu leak once again shows the tablet running a Tegra K1 Denver, which is a 64-bit beast of a chip, and the 1440x2560 display resolution. It appears to add more confirmation that Android L will be version 5.0, even though we still don't know if it will be Lemon Meringue Pie, Laffy Taffy, Lindt, or something else. The benchmark leak also shows the benchmarks obviously, and the tablet scored a 45,923 on the test, which is one of the best scores you're likely to see on any new device coming out.  

The strangest thing about the leak is that it includes an IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity), which is only given to devices that have cellular connectivity. It wouldn't be new for a Nexus tablet to have LTE, but Google has tended to release the Wi-Fi only models first, and add in the cellular-capable models a few later. Maybe that is going to change this year.

source: TKTechNews

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