NextLink's Invisio Q7 will be launched as Motorola

NextLink's Invisio Q7 will be launched as Motorola
NextLink has revealed information that the long expected Q7 headset will not be launched under the Invisio brand name. Instead, it will be made available on the market as a product of Motorola. This is the result of a partnership agreement between the two companies. We guess it is a strategic maneuver intended to help Motorola’s mobile division get on its feet.

The Q7, which will most likely be launched with a different model name, has been attracting the attention of the media and the consumers with the innovative bone-conduction technology. It eliminates the need of an ordinary microphone in the headset, since it receives the sound vibrations from the human body/bones, which should deliver high-quality sound in noisy/windy environment. NextLink assured us that the different branding would not result in lower quality. The launch date, as well as the model name and price have not yet been announced.

source: NextLink



1. jc unregistered

japan had this technology 5 years ago(!)...

2. unregistered

The US goverment had it 20 years ago... oh noes!!!!

3. unregistered

the Persians had this technology 1000 years ago!

4. unregistered

the Spartans and the Greeks beat the Persians! : P

5. BIGGERANDBETTER unregistered

hahah, Japan had it, US had it, Persians had it, lol and now weve got the Spatans and the Greeks goign at it again. The gods never cease to amaze me with the technology of bluetooth!

6. 2l82xlr8 unregistered

I bought the headset!!! - its great...cost me 179.00 - and man, was it tough to get...really comfortable, and hell, It WORKS...

7. unregistered

Where did you find the headset????

8. unregistered

Same question as anonymous@May 07th 03:00, where and how did you get the headset?!

9. unregistered

Anyone hear any more information on when Motorola will be releasing the rebranded version of the former Nextlink Invision Q7?

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