Next Apple iPhone to launch in June says Foxconn recruiter

Next Apple iPhone to launch in June says Foxconn recruiter
Before we start, head over to your spice rack and take out one grain of salt, because that is what you should be taking this story with. Now you can proceed. After contract manufacturer Foxconn purchased 50% of Sharp's Sakai LCD plant the other day, the company was featured on Tokyo TV's "World Business Satellite" which was discussing problems in the Japanese LCD panel market and attempts by Taiwan and Korean based firms to take advantage of the situation.

During the program, a recruiter for a Foxconn plant in Taiyuan, China appeared and was asked how many people the factory was looking to hire. He responded, "We're looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone." The reporter asked if the number was high because of demand for the iPhone 5. The recruiter answered, "That's right. It will come out in June."

Before everyone gets worked up about the apparent mistake, yes, the fifth generation iPhone is the Apple iPhone 4S. However, the Chinese have been calling the 6th generation model of Apple's smartphone the iPhone 5 which to their way of thinking makes it the 5th generation model. What is a good question though, is how a recruiter, not your typical high-level executive, would find out the launch date of the next Apple iPhone from a company notorious for its secrecy. In addition, other reports have claimed that the next-gen Apple iPhone will be rolled out in September or October of this year.

source: TokyoTV (translated), Macotakara (translated) via AppleInsider




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6. Synack

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19. andro.

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They will do an ipad style naming on it now and call it "The new iphone" Apple will say the name makes them not 'predictable' and changed everything again in the way we think about the name iphone. The inclusion of a better camera will make all dslr and professions camera redundant across the globe and a slightly bigger screen will have the 'new' iphone paraded on the front of Time magazine as device of the century.

21. darkkjedii

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Shutup meg

35. gallitoking

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wow you know more about Apple then Apple themselves... are you an Apple insider or just speak out of your rear end

30. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

iPhone NEVER CHANGES it's going to be 4G LTE with same lame boring size screen. next thing we know it will get lost or stolen in the same damn bar & a over hype product

2. zackh121556

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Maybe we will see another feature that's already out on other phones lol...

4. bbblader

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think about it 4G... what a game changer

5. Sniggly

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Like LTE and a bigger screen?

10. biophone

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and improved processor hopefully. with better battery life. And one more thing of course

12. taco50

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I expect LTE for sure. iPhone 4g will have great battery life I'm sure. Better processor is a give me. Bigger screen is iffy. I think a huge improvement to Siri. NFC.

31. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

iPhone will never be bigger than 4.6" not like the ones we have

32. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

Do you have a point?

3. pongkie

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they just released the iphone 4s recently i don't think it'll come out in june.

7. Sniggly

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It'll be interesting to see, because June is HOLY s**t ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!!!

8. biophone

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This could be my next phone...... If it does come out in june can I live stream the press conference?

9. redrooster13

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IF this is true, it may push samsung to put the gs3 out a little faster.

11. taco50

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I doubt this. It doesn't make sense to release it so quickly. The iPhone 4S is still selling really well and so is the new iPad. Financially it makes sense to wait till the fall again.

13. cripton805

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The phone will be a 4s with LTE, longer batt, and be called the iPhone 5. That will make it revolutionary. Maybe it will cut a few pounds and add another voice to Siri.

14. cripton805

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Wait ill stand to correct myself on this one. Lte is too expensive still and will cut into Apples profits. Lte will be available for the iPhone 5s.

15. Dr.Phil

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I may be the only one thinking this, but I have to say that this phone will be the "make it or break it" for Apple. I am not saying that there won't still be millions of people lining up to buy this phone or that there won't be people calling it the greatest phone to date. What I am saying is that ever since Steve Jobs' death, Apple has somewhat struggled to make those breakthrough advancements in their devices. If we were to be serious, the iPhone 4S did not live up to the expectations that people had for it. Yes Siri is great technology but nothing that is extraordinary. The new iPad really only boasted a new screen and an improvement in the graphics department. Again, nothing that was outstanding about the device. It is as if all Apple is doing is just taking their old design and just updating it with new features. People complain when other manufacturers do that, and I think the same should go for Apple. Especially considering that Apple use to boast how innovative and out-of-the-box it was when Steve Jobs was still around. I honestly believe that if Apple does not come up with some innovative design or new technology to showcase in the iPhone 5, then Samsung or HTC or even Nokia will take over where Apple left off when Steve Jobs died. This year is especially important considering Android 4.0 devices (besides the Galaxy Nexus) are hitting the market and Microsoft will be introducing its own "make it or break it" Windows Phone 8 OS and devices as well.

18. taco50

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You can't reinvent the wheel every year.

20. PhoneLuver

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I completely agree with you! I like my iPhone. I didn't upgrade to the 4S because it simply wasn't worth it. If the iPhone 5 does not live up to expectations there a tons of other very appealing choices out there! To be honest, I don't think I'll get a new iPad in it's current form. It's a good device for browsing the web, playing games etc, but it's not a productivity device. I'll probably move over to a Transforner device running Android/Ubuntu or Windows8. You need something with regular ports so you can connect a projector, Memory drive, external HDD or even a mouse.

16. xfire99

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It will be called iPhone 4GS, err i mean the New iPhone 4S..err..whatever... It will start a new evolution on mobile era with all these new revolutionary innovated design by Apples engineer with all new hi-tech technology with it: - New LTE - New NFC - New Face Unlock - New Retina HD Display with High resolution 1280x720 with 350 PPI But sorry all, it will still be 3,5" and coz Jobs said so.

22. Virile

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And thats the bottom line, Cause Steve Jobs said so! *cues Stone Cold Steve Austin's music" sorry i had too

40. wohooo

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Hahaha nice 0ne Xd !!

17. jjjsong

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Thought it may be the "new iPhone" Maybe the numbers end with Steve Jobs.

23. JunitoNH

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My sources in Shenzhen, China, indicate that Verizon Wireless and AT&T are bringing back unlimited data with free (since you already paying for data-not free) tethering .

24. theoak

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Unlimited data ... don't know about that one. Free tethering ... this is a no brainer. The more you tether ... the more data you will use. Considering their current tiered plans .... then you will want to bump up tot he next higher plan ... because you are tethering now. Of course ... free tether will only be available to those on tiered plans. Folks on grandfathered unlimited will need to pay for tethering to be activated.

26. atheisticemetic

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your sources were given false information. More and more companies are moving toward tiered data plans (with soon to be shared data plans for families) i could only see them bring back unl data on Mobile broadband devices to compete with home internet...and thats about it, but even Homefusion (the new 4g lte to your house stuffs) isnt going to be unl

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