New wearable looks like a smartwatch you would have bought in 2013

New wearable looks like a smartwatch you would have bought in 2013
Rapper and entrepreneur's first foray into wearable gadgets, the Puls, became the butt of so many jokes one could publish a number of volumes with them and live off the proceedings. It was genuinely awful, but bad press and worse consumer response didn't put off the vis.i.onary. His next shot at entering the tech game is The Dial, a cellular smartwatch that lets users call, text, and browse the Internet without a paired smartphone.

The wearable also sees the return of AneedA, Puls' voice-controlled personal assistant that was about the only functional aspect in the flawed $399 creation. It will let give you a degree of hands-free control and it comes with the ability to learn the user's usage patterns and tailor its responses accordingly.In addition, The Dial features free music streaming powered by 7Digital, letting you tune in to over 20 million tracks. There's no extra subscription, no trial period, and streaming traffic gets written off. Good game!

Design-wise, The Dial doesn't look nearly as bad as the Puls, which was basically an oversized one-arm plastic shackle with an insecure magnetic clasp. However, it does appear nondescript and dated. It reminds us of the palatable, but clunky designs of early wearables like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which Samsung would rather you forget about* now that it has the refined and comfortable Gear S2 on the market.

The Dial will be sold by UK carrier Three on a monthly instalment plan, which means owners will have to sign a second contract to use the wearable. Put next the smorgasbord of prettier and more functional Android Wear, Tizen, and the Apple Watch that are available contract-free, The Dial doesn't appear convincing.

*Seriously, the original Galaxy Gear is nowhere to be seen on Samsung's wearables website nowadays. We checked!

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7. artificialintelligence

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Galaxy gear S has the same features plus more, looks better , and can get for under $200 William Hold this L

8. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

The original Gear (not the Gear S) The Gear S is cellular capable. The original Gear is a better apple watch released 3 years ago. It has a very nice display, 2MP camera which was higher than what any iPhone had until the 5's came. But it wasn't worth the 299.99 it cost to just be an accessory that had no standalone features. It original came with Android install, but Samsung moped it to Tizen with a later update which helped it go from 1-day battery life to 2.5 days. I was so excited when I bought it with my Note 3. But after like 3 days of playign with it, the novelty wore off and then I put it on eBay and sold it same day for $275. Then a month later I bought it again but for $225 Makes a good watch, but it isn't worth anything else. The apps never improved, though I never expected they would. Much like wear-bales today, apps aren't ever going to be a real option thus anything more than $150 is grossly over-priced.

6. Martin_Cooper

Posts: 1774; Member since: Jul 30, 2013

Oh the dude that thought a 200$ iPhone case was gonna sell like hotcakes but ended up being an epic fail. Dont expect anything from him besides some memorable songs that got forgotten after couple of days.

5. Abdbaas

Posts: 173; Member since: Apr 05, 2016

Everything this guy does fails. He should stop wasting his money and realise his "talent" is in music..


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2. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

burn it with fire!!

4. Modest_Moze

Posts: 184; Member since: Mar 23, 2015

If it does not burn, BURN IT SOME MORE!!!!

1. legiloca

Posts: 1676; Member since: Nov 11, 2014

looks kinda 'meh' to me.. but the Aneeda name will be the butt of all jokes and puns

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