New stunning 3D game for Android will let you fight for all the oil you can get


Developer Unigine Corp. has just announced that it will be bringing a new game to Android, called Oil Rush 3D. This naval strategy game utilizes Unigine Corp.'s own Unigine 3D engine and we have to say that it looks spectacularly well. Probably better than anything we've seen for mobile thus far. Oil Rush 3D for Android will be available starting in February, but it will be exclusive to devices equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 chipsets for the first six months following the release. Actually, the exact supported chipsets seem to be the MSM8960, APQ8064 and MPQ8064. Congrats to those whose smartphones feature one of these.

Apart from next-gen visuals, Oil Rush 3D will also attempt to deliver a lengthy campaign with an engaging storyline, skirmish mode versus up to three AI opponents, varied environments, a tech tree, many different unit types and more. Being a strategy game, though, we feel that Oil Rush 3D will be best played on a tablet, since the on-screen controls and info, although being specifically optimied for touch, may prove to be a bit uncomfortable to use on a small screen. Just saying.

For those who don't happen to own a device with a Snapdragon S4 chipset of one of the above-mentioned times - don't sweat it, if you like the game you can get it for Windows, Linux or Max OS X right now.

What do you think, guys, isn't this one a beauty?

Here's some gameplay footage from the PC version of the game. The mobile version should be extremely similar.

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source: Unigine

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