New smartphone gets you $10 per line discount on a Verizon Family SharePlan

New smartphone gets you $10 per line discount on a Verizon Family SharePlan
With smartphones now in almost every pocket, Verizon is on the right track with the $9.99 per line discount it offers if you buy a new smartphone on a multi-line Family SharePlan. The offer waves the monthly additional fee for an additional line and can save you up to $240 per line for the two-year span of the contract. It starts on November 19th, just as Holiday season approaches, and ends on January 7th, 2011. You can have up to four additional lines on a Family SharePlan and a new smartphone for each one of those would qualify you for the $9.99 discount. As Verizon puts it, “This is an ideal option for customers with a spouse or child wanting to move to a smartphone”.

Unfortunately, it seems that existing smartphone users will not be included in Big Red's discounted plan. Only a new smartphone purchase on a Family SharePlan line and subscription to a $29.99 unlimited data plan will make you eligible. Finally, if you are feeling confused with all the new smartphones coming out, take a look at our custom tailored selection of the best the industry can offer in the Cell Phones Holiday Gift Guide 2010 and share your choice!

source: IntoMobile



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