New shipping options coming soon to Google Play

New shipping options coming soon to Google Play
So far, if you have wanted to buy a new Android device, Chromebook, or accessories from the Google Play Store, the only option as far as shipping has been the "Ships in 1-2 business days" option, which had different prices for different products. But, word has it that there could be new shipping options coming soon to the Play Store.

All of the new shipping options will still have the 2 business days for processing, but beyond that you'll be able to choose between UPS two-day shipping (2 days, of course), Ground (3-5 day shipping), and Saver (5-10 day shipping). These options will be for the U.S. only. 

Unfortunately, there's still no way to easily calculate how much shipping will be for a product, because the shipping cost will still factor in the weight of the item. Currently, shipping costs can range from $6 on a $20 Nexus 4 Bumper to $14 for a phone or a tablet and $19 for a Chromebook Pixel

The word about the new shipping options had claimed they would start today, but we haven't yet seen them hit Google Play. Also, the cheapest option, Saver, will not be available on all products. So, while there should be new options for shipping soon, it certainly doesn't look to be getting any less complicated. 

source: Droid Life



1. mydi.maus unregistered

the only thing that matters is the quantity( of product) hope the gs4 google edition dont sold out after 25 min on release date june 26..

2. sandysingh252

Posts: 27; Member since: Nov 22, 2011

The issue is not only of options but also of guaranteed delivery too. What about the UPS people, who steal the products on the way? What can google do of them? That's the biggest inconvenience for people. Something needs to be done for that first.

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