New pictures leak comparing Apple iPhone Lite and Apple iPhone 5

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New pictures leak comparing Apple iPhone Lite and Apple iPhone 5
We recently saw a few pictures that compared what was purportedly the back of the Apple iPhone Lite with the back of the Apple iPhone 5. Since then, we also reported the latest news about the two different variants of the low-priced iPhone, each one with different internal specs and heading for different markets.

The cheaper model is rumored to be given the code name Zenvo and will feature a Samsung produced H5P dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and support for FDD 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. The other model, code named Zagato/Bertone, will have an H6P processor and supports TDD 4G LTE for the Chinese market.

Now, we have another series of photographs showing the Apple iPhone Lite (not sure which of the two models this is) next to the Apple iPhone 5. We also have one new rumor related to the next iteration of the regular priced iPhone, which is that it will not be available in black or white. According to the report, which we cast upon with a very suspicious eye, the Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be available in only grey, silver or gold.

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