New keyboard app for BlackBerry Priv can be found in the beta zone

New keyboard app for BlackBerry Priv can be found in the beta zone
Currently nestled inside the BlackBerry Beta Zone is a brand new keyboard app for the Android powered BlackBerry Priv. We are talking about the virtual QWERTY, not the physical QWERTY that slides to open. The updated keyboard app adds support for two variations of the Chinese language, Pinyin and Cangjie. This might not seem like a big deal if you live in the West, but if your job has you communicating with businesses in China, this could be an important update.

BlackBerry has also added a faster process for switching languages on the phone that incorporates both the virtual and physical QWERTY keyboards. To switch languages all you need to do is swipe on the virtual space key, go to the physical keyboard and press on Alt+Enter. A long press on Space will call up the language picker.

Remember, you need to go into the BlackBerry Beta Zone to install the updated keyboard app. That means that you have had to previously agree to help BlackBerry test out beta versions of upcoming apps. Eventually, the new BlackBerry Keyboard app with the new features will be found in the Google Play Store.

source: BlackBerryBetaZone via Crackberry

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