New gesture controls coming to Samsung Galaxy S5?

New gesture controls coming to Samsung Galaxy S5?
A published report on Thursday reveals that a European patent awarded to Samsung, could hint at new capabilities for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The patent covers a way to use head movements to control a device. The front-facing camera would monitor the user's head and watch for certain movements or gestures like a wink or a nod. The patent was published on Thursday, but dates back to July 2013.

Some of the features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 already use the phone's front-facing camera to monitor certain capabilities. For example, Smart Stay will freeze a video that you're watching if you turn your eyes away from the screen. With the new patent, a certain head movement will allow you turn a page on the screen. And any action that is set off by a head movement would require a nod to confirm. That would prevent you from accidentally setting oiff a feature with an unintentional gesture or movement of the head.

By the way, check out the super-thin bezels on the patent diagrams. Will this be a hint as to what to expect from the next iteration of Sammy's Android flagship? The latest buzz has the phone being launched by April, possibly containing an iris scanner.

source: GalaxyClub (translate) via IntoMobile

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