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New charging accessory converts Wi-Fi into electricity

New charging accessory converts Wi-Fi into electricity
Aside from relying on your regular vehicle or wall chargers, this one new accessory from RCA literally converts Wi-Fi signals into electricity. You’re probably scratching your head and wondering how this might be all possible; but it’s in fact reality. During CES, RCA showed off a new charging accessory called the Airnergy Charger that harvests Wi-Fi signals, converts them to electricity, and uses it to power a small internal battery. From there, you can plug in this device to a mobile phone via USB so it’ll begin to charge. This isn’t a new thing and has been seen before, but what makes the Airnergy Charger so unique is that it’s able to do this efficiently to make it practically useful. One demonstration included a BlackBerry handset at 30% battery life being able to be fully charged with the device in about 90 minutes. The best part about it is that RCA will be making it available by the summer with a retail cost of $40. Not too shabby we might add.

source: Oh Gizmo! via Phonescoop


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