New ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 do away with bouncy and show up the magic wand

New ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 do away with bouncy and show up the magic wand
Samsung’s marketing machine continues with straight forward, relevant, and entertaining ads for its products, the latest of which, the Galaxy Note 4, is enjoying some time in the spotlight.

Samsung makes enough devices that it is easy to get a little fatigued trying to keep up with their product portfolio. However, their recent flagships have proven worthy of in-depth examination, and certainly worthy of Samsung’s marketing efforts.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a natural advancement from its predecessor, the hardware is upgraded, and Samsung’s familiar TouchWiz user interface has been refined. From a technical or geek standpoint, there were few surprises with the device that defined the phablet segment. However, Samsung has a knack for appealing to the consumer, and it does so with focused, but fun commercials that people can relate to.

The two latest ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 touch on the S-Pen (of course), and the excellent 16-megapixel camera. The S-Pen is deemed a magic wand, and the camera is something that will handle prom-scale selfies and bouncy castles.


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