New York Times releases its Google Glass app for the early adopters

New York Times releases its Google Glass app for the early adopters
Google Glass has only just begun to roll out to its early adopters and development community, and there are still quite a lot of developers and early adopters who either pre-ordered at Google I/O last year, or are buying through the #IfIHadGlass campaign that haven't yet received their coveted device. But, that isn't stopping the New York Times from releasing its Glass app to the Explorer community.

Although Glass runs Android, and what the NYT has released is being called an "app", there's nothing really to install. Instead, Glass users have to visit a special website and connect the NYT to their Google account. The process is not unlike using Google or Facebook to sign in to a website. Users have to give permission for the NYT to access to basic Google account information, location, and of course permission to manage your Glass timeline. 

That should get users all hooked up and ready to get breaking news from the New York Times. We saw a bit of the app at SXSW, as well as apps from Path and Evernote, so we wouldn't be surprised if more apps started rolling out to the early adopters.

source: NYT via The Verge


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