New Wikipedia7 app brings exclusive features to Windows Phone 7

New Wikipedia7 app brings exclusive features to Windows Phone 7
Wikipedia is a student's online friend. The service gives you information donated from online readers, about anybody or just about anything. Now, Windows Phone 7 users only will have available an app called Wikipedia7 that will offer exclusive content.

The app will allow the user to view all images on a page with a special viewer that will allow pinch to zoom support. You also will be able to "manage" recent searches and favorites. While the UI will come in English and in French, the app will allow you to use Wikipedia in 50 different languages. An autosuggestion box will help you search for subjects. After a free trial period, the Wikipedia7 app will cost $1.29 and can be found in the Windows Marketplace or by clicking on this link. It could be a small price to pay when you desperately need information for a paper you are working on.

source: WMPoweruser



1. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

sa-weeeeeet. After PhoneArena, wikipedia is my second most visited web site :P

2. jj unregistered

clearly you did not research this. it's a crap ap, full of gramattical errors and constant reminders to "buy me". not worth a penny. the free app is just a web mobile portal and it's better than that. please.

3. bebtech unregistered

Hi, Thanks for the news. I'm the developer of this app. I've got some emails about grammar mistakes. I apologizes, I didn't spoke english for a long time. I fixed texts in the next update, that will be in the marketplace in a few days. @jj: For the reminders, you know this is only in trial mode. What do you prefer? some reminders or no reminders but not all functions? Please be patient, I work on a free version, with ads, and maybe a reduced price for the paid version. And the free app do not offer all functions of my app (no image viewer, no searches saved, ...) And look at history updates: many updates since the launch, fixing and giving more function. if you find a bug, do not hesitate to send me an email

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