New Symbian UI stars in a Nokia X7 promo video

New Symbian UI stars in a Nokia X7 promo video
Prematurely leaked promo videos made for 3 UK show for the first time the new Symbian UI running on actual devices. The commercials for the yet-unreleased Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 were quickly made private on YouTube, but a tipster of ours uploaded the one for the Nokia X7 on his channel.

It is quite surprising that we are seeing the new Symbian UI already in action, as it was previously thought the update won't come until the fall. Nokia might be farther along with this thing than imagined, so the London event tomorrow all of a sudden got more interesting.

We'll make sure to inform you on any news that get spilled tomorrow about Symbian's new interface and devices. In the meantime, watch some fast browsing (supposed to be three times snappier than now), flexibly sized widgets, and working up that portrait keyboard in the Nokia X7 promo video below.

The browser interface actually looks quite polished, and we are glad that Nokia is delivering on its promise to keep improving Symbian. Now where are those 1GHz+ and dual-core phones promised for this year, Espoo? Oh, and from the looks of it, we are finally getting rid of the tired Nokia Sans font, which has been replaced with the new Nokia Pure creation.

Thank you for the tip, Philip!

Related phones

  • Display 4.0 inches
    640 x 360 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP (Single camera)
  • Hardware , 0.25GB RAM
  • Storage 0.35GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1300 mAh
  • OS Symbian Belle



10. IOS5 unregistered

Don't tell me still with same shitty fixed focus camera!

9. ankitandro unregistered

why the fuck the nokia fans cant understand that symbian is outdated os if u have also do not belive me then with ur own eyes at 2015 the state of symbian symbian sucks android live long nokia u just only get stuck with windows 7 and android will go to the top by 2015

11. phbelov

Posts: 124; Member since: Mar 25, 2011

I don't know about you but I actually like the new Symbian UI... And it doesn't look outdated I think.

12. thatdude1 unregistered

And I don't know why the fuck you android fans even bother to comment on Symbian related articles. Go spam an android article, please. And learn proper English, already!!

13. Future unregistered

Ankitandro, we don't know whether Android buzzez OS can be on top on 2015. May be the OS is be defeated by not an amateur future OS however buy kids only OS, who knows!!!!!!!!!

6. andro unregistered

Still looks very dated in comparison to its rivals not to mention the functionality is far inferior also. I have a htc desire and a c7 and n8s for work purposes and the symbians are awful in comparison especially in browser terms

7. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

How's that USB-OTG functionality working out for you on your Desire?

5. sreejith unregistered

nokia is going the right way.Symbian is more resource efficient than android and is light on battery.But on the other hand i still doubt it can match the android experience overall.Time will answer.waiting for x7`s review

3. calamazoo unregistered

I've got the Optimus 2X and am just coming from a three days light usage over the weekend on a charge.. Granted, I turned off 3G and left only EDGE, so the phone doesn't waste battery to try and maintain 3G connection, but you get the idea - never noticed diminished standby times because the phone is dual-core. It goes as long as any other Android device I've owned, except for the Droids, which have really good bat.. life...

1. Antonio unregistered

I don't think Nokia ever said they were bringing dual-core phones, they said 1GHZ+. anyway a dual-core technology isn't ready for prime time, just check the standby hours on the Androids with dual core... very laughable even 1GHz phones don't even cut it as battery saving that's why Nokia hasn't done that.

2. superpooburger

Posts: 31; Member since: Feb 17, 2011

But some friends prefet to be able to watch 1080p video on their phone, rather then have longer stand by time. And btw usign Androind in checking anything otyher then OS it self, is not wise. As we all know, android have crapy drivers for all hardware, so it will preform worse then everything else with same spec and eat more juce then everything else.....

8. saiki4116

Posts: 413; Member since: Mar 31, 2011

you r right,battery backup should be atlest 1 day,with moderate use,else you have run for charger and battery gets degraded fastly

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